Why placement drives still witness huge crowd in an age of startups?

One thing that came out of a conversation with my father over the coffee was that yes, the nation has actually progressed over the years. Time drifted away fast and as the corporate culture hit India, the nation took huge turns. That was a day and today is one where our people are living in an era where almost everything or the other has been given a shape of the startup. Young enthusiasts hitting the market have some of the dynamic plans and vision to change the world on their terms and the conditions.


Amidst all, we still find a huge crowd at the placement drives. If our young generation carries that irk of being the best and enthusiasm to make the things happen what is it that mobilize youth to still look for the placement? Take a look!

We all need a backup!

The risks involved in initializing a start up are quite well known to one and all. If we chose to go for them despite being acquainted to same, the destination still stands foggy! To overcome this feeling of regret over the years and to make a living as you build an empire, placements are still in the trend.

They learn as they earn

The firsthand knowledge from the giants of the market can help you avoid the mistakes you could have made possible. As you look for a job and start to work with the established firms, you realize how does the micro management on the floor is tackled. Best part? As you learn, you are paid as well! So, when you finally pick up your startup, you are having the knowledge of possible technical glitches already!


It is often said, ‘youth knows no fear!’ It is ability that adds to the benefits and makes people bear challenges with greater faith. This is an experiment for the room of self exploration. Remember, mistakes can be forgiven for once in the established companies but one mistake in your startup and it is ruined for life. Smart people experiment, on others, of course!

Peer Pressure?

One thing that we all will nod to be the generation gap. Generation preceding us still favours the traditional methods. To them, government jobs are still the apple of the eyes and if it is not the one in your hands, at the least, start with a private one. Discussing the startups and entrepreneurship opportunities with your parents will at times lead to life lessons. This peer pressure is something that calls for moving to the placement drives.


Wise men make sure that their research is done properly before they start. This research period gives you a lifelong experience. If this experience and the enthusiasm of the younger days of the life unite, the combination is actually deadly! It will lead on to give a few of the best results possible. To make the best of these experience opportunities, we have the youth still making it to the placement drives.

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  1. Placement drives, in my view, offers a security in terms of finance to any of the young men with the ideas to revolutionize the way local business works generally.
    At the same time, a corporate culture and working as a professional in an MNC for a year or two maybe, learn from the corporates and gain the experience.
    The lessons learned from here help anyone or everyone to build their own empire.


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