Why Schools Should Teach Entrepreneurship

For any economy to thrive and grow, entrepreneurship needs to be encouraged and cultivated. India holds a very competitive position in the world market. It is in the best interests of our nation that the ability to ideate and innovate be inculcated in young minds early on. In fact, it would not be saying too much if we argue that entrepreneurship should be taught in schools.


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Entrepreneurship creates not just employment opportunities for people involved in starting the venture, but for hundreds and thousands of people who depend on the scale of the enterprise. This directly contributes to the nation’s economy and therefore to the overall growth. Think about the Great Recession of 2007-2008 in the U.S.A when over 8 million jobs were lost in one of the biggest economies of the world. It was during this time that entrepreneurship spurred in every nook and corner, thus saving millions of people from impending doom. Inclusion of teaching entrepreneurship in school curriculum should be made compulsory and here is why we think so:

Preparing for the future

Our children and youth are the future of our nation. They are the building blocks of the country, the foundation of future India. Gone are the days when to be a successful businessman, one would have to be born with a silver spoon. The world is rapidly developing and opportunities are endless. One might have been born in a small city but that is not going to stop one from being a creator. The country needs dynamic minds to come forward with their A-game and what better than presenting the future of tomorrow with the skill and knowledge of the endless opportunity that lay out there.

Young and the restless

Imparting knowledge of entrepreneurship to the children and the youth is to teach them to handle an extremely powerful tool, a tool that could not just help create their future but that of so many others. Young people are not afraid to take risks, which we must admit goes hand in hand with the spirit of entrepreneurship. Young people aren’t afraid to fail. Ever heard of the story of King Robert Bruce and the spider? It is that indomitable spirit that is the essence of any successful enterprise. Imparting these lessons of entrepreneurship to students prepares them not just for a successful career but also for life.

Quick learners

Children are fast learners. While education is at the core of everything, telling them that they will only be successful if they become doctors, engineers, and cricketers, is nothing but shallow. Children have curious minds and they are reserves of bubbling energy. This, when coupled with proper knowledge and skill of what is it that the world outside can present them with, can pave the way for success and prosperity.

Teaching children entrepreneurship in schools and colleges amounts to giving them a practical, first-hand experience of what real world would be like. It will teach the students the power of implementation and encourage them to rise above just depending on books and theory. Students would be encouraged to dig deep into their curriculum. Very early in their lives, they would realize how important it is to have practical knowledge. It is high time that we start believing that entrepreneurship can be learnt. It might not come to everyone as second nature like it did to some of the greats that we read about. But, that should not make us believe that it something that cannot be taught. Entrepreneurship can and should be taught in educational institutions to help create a better tomorrow for our present and future generations.


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