Why should we be proud of being Indians?

The word ‘Indian’ has various connotations attached to it, for most of us, it stirs the feeling of patriotism, love, fondness and a mixture of various emotions which are hard to express in words. The point being, we all are proud to be Indians. We are deeply attached to our country, we love it from the bottom of our hearts and most of the time when we are angry on our country, it is because we want it to do really well. I know, human nature! Today, I am going to try and accommodate all the reasons why you should be proud of being an Indian too-

Affinity towards fellow Indians – We Indians have this bond which is indescribable, even when we go abroad, we get pulled towards each other like the unlike poles of a magnet. We love what our country has given us, the warmth, the feeling of oneness. Indians just always connect with Indians, there is no two ways about it.

Unity in diversity – To begin with we have 29 states, each one of which is a home to people following different religions, caste systems, cultures and customs. We all love the fact that we get to choose what we want to follow without the interference of others and also, that others accept us the way we are. We live in a society of mutual understanding, love and unity.

Multi-lingualism – India is a country of over 780 languages, with the rich culture and customs comes rich literature in various different languages. The people live together despite having a huge difference in their mother tongues and many try and inculcate words from other languages into their own!

The youth – India has a huge population and a huge part of this population is the youth. According to a recent study it has been said that by 2020, India will be having the maximum number of youth in the world. The youth of our country is energetic, driven and motivated. It has the power to change the scenarios and it can make the country a global superpower.

Culture – Everything said and done, nobody will ever deny the fact that India is filthy rich when it comes to culture. It is actually one of the biggest things which attract the tourists towards India, Indians follow their traditions whole-heartedly and are proud of the same. Lately, we have seen some drastic changes in the culture being followed by the youth, but that is only because of the mingling with the rest of the world. When we meet somebody, we leave a part of us in them and that is the reason the culture of India is transforming.

Natural beauty – The natural beauty of our country is unbeatable, people often come here and lose their heart to the nature. India is considered to be untouched by urbanization in some areas which has helped in conserving nature so far. The rural India is the most breathtaking and it lures tourists from all over the world.

We are lucky to be associated with a great nation which has a rich history, a decent present and a sparkling future. I understand that currently the scenario may not be the best, but there is room for improvement and this is where our love for the country needs to be shown. Let’s prove how important our home is to us, and how much we love our country by joining our hands and making India the global superpower.


  1. If any nation has managed to sustain well bearing all the odds, it is India. One of the oldest civilizations with the most modern face, India has it all in its pack to make us proud of itself. Our scriptures, culture, diversity, sports, monuments, geography. history and democracy and what not? They are all a reason for us to take pride in being an Indian. Our national flag and the national anthem just adds to the glory.


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