Why talking about menstruation is still a taboo in India?

Menstruation doesn’t really need introduction to the youths, all the girl already know a whole lot of things about it and the all the curious minded boys have probably also read about it. But still there are a lot of people specially boys who find it embarrassing to talk or even mention about it in public and we are not talking about the teenage boys here, there are a whole lot of grownup dudes out there who feel ashamed talking about it or doesn’t have proper knowledge what exactly it is all about. So let us start from the very base.

What exactly is Menstruation?

Well from the biological point of view, it is a natural periodic discharge of blood in which a women’s body sheds the lining of uterus or womb, the blood flows from the uterus through the small opening in the cervix and gets discharged out of the body through the vagina. This process happens every month since the puberty strikes in the early teen till around age of 50 or above, the time when menopause happens.

Why it is a taboo and how it can be solved?

Well as you may very well know everything related to the human genitals is pretty controversial to talk about in India. Now it is not a problem for the girls as they are the one who has to go through this and through the mother daughter talk, girls comes to know all about it and take it lightly. The problem is for boys and especially if you are a sibling, nobody tells them what is actually going on with their sister, why suddenly she has become so silent and aloof and why she can’t play with the boys anymore. Some parents are pretty open towards educating their children about this but most of the parents kills this question by saying you will understand when you get little older. Well that is where curiosity of a child can take a drastic turn as of now, with the availability of internet they can search and know anything they want, and if you don’t want your children or your future children to get know the twisted facts about it then you should really talk with them and make them know that it is all just a change body goes through and it is natural. Talking about it openly and clearly is the only way this can be solved.

Why you should know about it more?

Because it is nothing to get afraid of and it is a pretty natural phenomenon which happens with the girls all over the world. There are still lots of men out there who don’t have proper knowledge about it and it is really important to have the knowledge because ultimately it is going to help you when you are in a relationship with a girl. Besides that, having a basic knowledge about this process and talking it out is only going to help you more in understanding how exactly a women’s body works, girls out there always appreciate a man who has this basic knowledge and are never afraid to deal with it while in a relationship.

From where you can get more information about it?

Internet obviously is one of the best medium to know more about it, but if you have a girl friend, or a girl who is friend of yours, then it is highly recommended that you talk about it openly with them and know more about it as only they can tell you exactly how it affects them and what they feel while going through it.

Why you should treat a girl more lovingly when she is going through it?

Well we all have heard about the horror stories related with how girls act while they are on their period. Well guess what, for many girls having a period is pretty painful and at that time all she needs from you is love and may be a little helping hand in some work while she can rest a bit. Be a gentleman to her, if you haven’t talked about it yet, then take the initiative now, talk about it openly with her, get to know about how she is really feeling, and even when you don’t understand the single thing she is explaining with her raising and falling emotions, say her holding her close to you that you love her and you are there for her all the time, that is all she asks from you actually.

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  1. Menstruation is a reality of nature and every girl goes has to face it once a month. I fail to understand that despite being an issue concerning 50% of earth’s population, why is it still a taboo to openly discuss this? Honestly, I admire the writer for talking about it openly and presenting the right perspective associated with the myth. It is a truth that needs to be spread and talked about.


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