Why Terrorism Hit India — again and again ?

It is a globally acknowledged fact that the threat of terrorism is real and here to stay. With the growth and outpouring of radical elements such as ISIS, the world fears its security now more than ever. Religious extremism takes hold as innocent people are slaughtered on a daily basis. In what seems to be politically motivated and religiously driven charade, even international organizations such as the United Nations find their hands tied when it comes to a real face-off with terrorist organizations. The third world countries are the most obvious victims as all lives are controlled by meaningless and illogical doctrines forcing people of all sects and faiths to bow down to one organization’s ego, whims and fancies. It is no secret that India is an easy target. The reasons are quite simple yet the implementation of the solutions is intricate.

Slow judicial process is one of the prime reasons why radical forces gain stronghold in the Indian subcontinent. The idea of “Let a hundred criminals go but let not a single innocent be victimized by law” has done more harm than good. In a developing country pestered with increasingly high crime rates, quick and efficient legal aids are needed and if that means ruling with an iron fist, so be it. At times, a firm leader is all it takes to set right the law and order. It only makes sense to move all high-priority terrorist cases to the fast-track courts and demand justice as soon as possible. Discipline among the law faculty is of prime importance here. Absenteeism needs to be dealt with a firm hand.

Next in line is the greatest excuse for malfunctioning of the Indian government: the rampant corruption. A system which is run by the power of money lapses at every level and consequently, gives way to loopholes through which terrorists enter the country, perpetuate their mission, create weapons of mass destruction, plan and execute heinous acts. Consider, for example, the terrorist acts of 26/11 in Mumbai. Among the several questions that raise their ugly heads is a very basic one: how did the terrorists get past the security at various levels and entered the heavily guarded tourist places, fully armed? The answer is but one: Corruption.

A major issue which is always discussed when it comes to terrorism is: what makes a person a terrorist or what circumstances lead to the development of a terrorist? The answer is pretty simple: Unemployment, lack of education and seething poverty. Kashmir is a prime example of this situation. Poverty is like a ticking time bomb. The policy makers never know how it could manifest its ugly face and result in mass destruction. It’s quite simple really: Lack of education gives rise to poor prospects in life, add to that low availability of employment opportunities which gives rise to lack of money for basic amenities due to which people are forced to do whatever it takes just to keep themselves and their loved ones alive! Is it really any wonder that all terrorists come from extremely poor families?

The terrorism sentiment catches hold when religious fanaticism takes a violent turn. Politics is to be blamed for this in a big way. The mixing of religion and politics gives way to radical forces. Vote bank politics has throttled progress of our nation for decades. The current abhorrent caste-based reservation system for government jobs and educational institutions is one example of how injustice is perpetuated in the name of social equality by pathetic politicians. Abuse of political power and blatant apathy of political leaders hits its extreme during terrorist attacks. One way out of the spider’s web could be giving more power to the Armed Forces during times of crisis.

Terrorism is linked to several factors and finding a wholesome solution to it is like stepping into the spider’s web-the more we try to get out of it, the more entrapped we become. However, if we find that one epicenter then the web can be dismantled in no time. The need of the hour is to analyze the situation and focus on overall development of the nation.


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