Why The Indian Youth Should Join Politics ?

Every youngster these days either wants to be a doctor or an engineer and if both these option fail then he might opt for an MBA. But almost 99.99% of these youngsters wouldn’t consider politics as a career option. We all know that Politics these days is like an open gutter, we all criticize it but no one wants to get down and clean that gutter. Everyone is so afraid of getting dirty. From my personal experience and observations I’ve also noticed that parents aren’t very supportive when it comes to politics. If you tell them that you want to be a politician, they will look back at you with their eyes wide open as if they have just heard the word porn star instead of politician.


Politics these days is dirty business, we all can see that but we really don’t have the time to do anything about it as we are so very busy in our day to day life. Politicians these days are like sperms as only one amongst the million would end up being a human. The rest of them really don’t care about anything else other than power and their extra large pockets.

Now the other thing that I’ve noticed is that we all want things to change but to be honest we are all afraid of being the change. None of us wants to step up and take ownership of a situation. We would always wait for someone else to do that. With this kind of an attitude India would really go nowhere. I see a lot of potential in the youth these days. They are very vocal about politics on social media and they all have an opinion. But the fact remains that social media would do you no good apart from a few likes and shares. You need to get out of your shell and consider bringing about a change in the society that you’re living it.

How would you do that at such a tender age with no prior experience in politics?

They say that charity begins at home so let’s just consider our educational institutions as our home and let’s start by being a part of the student’s council. By being a part of the student’s council you would surely end up getting a lot of exposure and real time experience in Politics. The only catch here is to be clean in the chores that you do for the welfare of your fellow students. If you have even the slightest of dirt on your mind then it is better that you quit the idea of being a politician because we have so many corrupt politicians already.

India’s youth is the new face of the country and we would have to take up the ownership of bringing about a change. We just can’t sit back and wait for things to happen. We have to be loud and clear, we have to try every possible means in order to get heard by the authorities. For only this would help in bringing about a change. I firmly believe that there is a Bhagat Singh, a Raj guru and a Sukhdev sleeping silently in every one of us. The day we decide to wake them up will be the day that India will notice a drastic change in the system and things will start changing for the good. So the next time you talk about how India needs to change and stuff. Just walk up to the mirror, look at yourself and chant this mantra, “Let me be the change.” Jai Hind…


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