Why youth has become intolerant ?

What is wrong with all of us, why are we always looking for mistakes everywhere? Why are we always in search of a spark that could light a controversy? When was the last time we sat back and watched TV as something we usually do when we are bored? I understand the whole ‘being aware of your surroundings’ deal, but what is with being over sensitive to everything?

I saw a post on the internet, the other day, about the Cadbury ad which had just aimlessly stereotyped genders. I wonder what the actual idea behind the ad was, which was now being labeled as regressive. I understand that the people of this nation are becoming responsible, they finally have an opinion about things, but don’t you think that it’s getting a little too much? One small issue, one small fight and the whole internet is full of posts, it is full of pictures and trolls. A girl gave it back to a guy who tried slamming her based on her assets, well yea, I am impressed with the girl, but the news became masala for internet blogs so that they could get hits and look at the screenshots that the girl had posted.

We all believe that we are making this country a better place to live by doing all of this, people will finally wake up and embrace the change but I think we cannot be further away from that. We are probably only making things worse. The idea was to bring a change in the mindset of people, not rubbing it in their faces and telling them to live with it. Lately, we have started thriving on controversies, everything becomes a breaking news and goes viral on social media.

There was a time when blogging used to be fun, people used to write good stuff about how they feel, telling their perception of things. Lately, it has started seeming like a ticker of a news channel with a new story popping every minute and the post containing pictures just so that it gets enough hits. I mean, what are we aiming at? If we believe our news channels were indulged in sensationalism, then I really want to know what this is? How are we any different from the people we blame every day?

The fact of the matter is that with all this negativity, this thirst for controversy and this sensationalism, we are all heading nowhere. We are making the social media much like the regular media, which is only about TRPs and blowing an issue totally out of proportion.

How to make things better?

1. We need to stop reacting to everything, changing the world is not a day’s work. We cannot just keep jumping about on our social media account and expect that things will change. We could, for a change, go out in the real world and do so.

2. Probably weighing things before we actually decide how much attention should be given to what is a good idea. Use your discretion before making everything a big deal.

3. We think the government is overdoing it, it is banning stuff, and what exactly is the population doing? Trying to overthrow the chosen government in a democratic country?

4. We think overreacting or making it sound more aggressive is cool and will fetch us results? Well, I can’t begin to tell you how wrong you are there!

5. AIB talking about stuff in their knockout is acceptable, but a Dairy Milk ad showing stereotypes is not? Whatever happened to free media!

I seriously don’t understand how and when the youth became so angry about everything, the youth needs to set the perspective right. Media is run by the youth and for the youth, if you don’t like something, change it, don’t just rant about it on social media calling your own country regressive. As it is the population of this country is not the best and the most righteous to be commenting on other people, so maybe one should keep oneself in check before pointing fingers at others.


  1. Intolerance has made it to the prime time than ever before in the recent times. Surely, India is intolerant but the Indian youth is not really on the right path. Having a tendency to find faults in almost everything and anything they see around, patience is on a depletion. The role of media is negative in one such deployment. Youngsters are required to understand that not all the things are ideal.


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