Wife earning more than husband

Even in today’s century, we live in a society where it is difficult for a man to accept that his wife can earn more than him. Not only does it hurt his ego, but he feels that it makes him seem unsuccessful in the eyes of the society. However, in order to avoid all the drama, people prefer not to talk about it. And that is why, it has become a taboo over the time, regardless of the fact that now almost one-third of women earn more than their husbands.

ife earning more than Husband

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So, here is how you deal with this taboo if you earn more than your husband.

Don’t brag

It is okay to let people know that you’re successful and earn a lot. But let that happen through your actions and not through your speech. Most of the times, your husband will be happy to see you doing well and will be there to support you. But if you ever rub it in his face that you earn more than him, then things are certain to turn ugly and you don’t want that happening. Make sure you both support each other equally regardless of your pay scale.

Shut the people up

Many times, it is people who begin the debate and then slip away unnoticed, causing a stir between the couple. Do not let that happen! You can always be polite and tell other people to mind their own business, because literally it is none of their business. Make sure that these little debates have no effect on your marriage and that your husband knows that it was somebody else’s opinion and not yours.

Let him pay

Let the man pay when you go out for dates and special dinners. It is obvious that he knows that you can pay but never spoil his surprises by offering to pay. Also, this will make him feel that nothing has changed between the two of you, which will make him respect and love you all the more.

Offer him help subtly

In case you feel he is running out of money in times of great need, offer him help but in the most subtle way. Tell him that he can return the money when he has it. However, don’t keep reminding him about the money he has borrowed from you. This will only make him feel that you give more importance to your money than your relationship.

Talk, a lot

And in case you feel differences growing between the two of you, talk to him about it. Explain it to him that the money doesn’t affect the bond that you both share. Also, tell him that things would have been the same if he earned more than you did. Make sure you have an understanding when it comes to these matters, so that he can be proud of you.

Never shirk off your responsibilities

Earning more than your husband doesn’t mean you won’t have to do your share of work. It would be better if you could share the responsibilities while sharing the expenses too. That will strengthen your bond and will actually show that there is absolutely no hierarchy in the house.

The problem in reality is not earning more than the husband but handling the burst of over-confidence which comes with it. Things will never go for a toss if you are somebody who doesn’t let salaries come in between the love and understanding. Find a ground where you can live happily without discussing who earns what and there will be no problems at all.


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