It’s a Woman’s World: Women’s Day

You may never know the pain she bears, to let you into the world, she dares.
There’s nothing she won’t give up for you; she may not say, but she cares.
She’s stronger than you know, she’ll never ask you for what you owe,
You adore and love her too. Today is her day, take some time to show!

8th of March, as you must know, is celebrated as International Women’s Day. “Why just one day”, you might wonder. You must celebrate life every single day but your birthday has to be special. That’s exactly why we must have at least one day when we go beyond the everyday celebration called womanhood. One day which has no bounds of treating the mesmerizing beauties around you. Won’t you agree? Love her, appreciate her, and respect her every day. But how do we make this Woman’s day so special for her that she remembers it for a long long time?

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Don’t give her flowers, for the flowers may lose their beauty even before the week ends. Chocolates may hinder her diet that she might be checking. Cards, she may like but would she love it, you may doubt. A dress may be one of many. So, what do we gift her?

Here’s a little thought that you can put into your celebration of her day to make it memorable indeed. Use these ideas for your mom, sister, girlfriend, best friend, colleague, wife or all. I bet they’ll love you for your “not-so-usual” thoughtfulness, which is bound to surprise her. [Unless you are the rare thoughtful kinds ;)]

  1. Gift her a solution: How about giving some thought to the problems she’s been facing lately. We won’t be able to solve all, but there must be some that we may. Make a list of problems that she may have shared with you recently. Does she want to lose some weight? Or has she been talking about pursuing some course, taking up a hobby class trying something new? Get her a gym membership, admission in a hobby class or a solution that she’s been considering lately.
  2. Gift her an experience : What does she really enjoy doing? Dining out: take her out for a dinner that she may not be able to afford otherwise. Salon: Pamper her with services she has never tried before. A dress designed according to her choice? Tickets for a vacation? A play? What’s her poison?
  3. Gift her security: If yours is a woman of practicality, she’d appreciate an investment you make in her name. An SIP [Systematic Investment Plan], a fixed deposit, some stocks, anything that makes more financial sense to you for the period you think she can wait. Do include a little something for now too. May be take her out and gift the documents. You may argue that it’s unromantic, but today’s woman knows better than the Lovy-Dovy expressions.
  4. Gift her a promise: I’m sure you have cribbed about her complaints. May have shared a laughter with your friends too. But, if asked, you’d agree that not all her complaints are unfair. You will agree that some are even for your good. “You don’t listen at all”, “Can you not even drop a message in the whole day?” or “You watch TV all the time, and hardly have 30 minutes every day to talk to me without distractions” and what not. How about putting an end to one of her complaints forever? Everyone has enough control on their habits provided they want to work on it. Making a promise to change [for good] something that she repeatedly complains about will bring her contentment for life. And it’ll bring a smile on her face every time she notices the change; She will. And guess what, for something as important as this, she’d not even mind trading e.g. you can tell her, “I promise to ensure at least 30 minutes to talk about us without any distractions, every single day. But, we’ll do it only over a nice cup of tea that you make”. You give her 30 minutes, she’d absolutely love to make the tea for you.

Besides, there are some classics that never fail. A poem, a proposal, a letter to express your love, respect and care or a meal. Pick any and she’d love it.

You have and will always know her the best. As a typical man, however, don’t ignore this knowledge. Use it with the ideas shared above and create your own magic moments for her. Also, capture it if she likes to preserve memories through pictures or videos. Capture the look on her face. Take help of friends if needed. Anything for her, isn’t it?


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