Yoga for Teenage Girls

Being the boon that it is, Yoga has proved to be beneficial to people across age groups and sexes. Yoga is highly beneficial to girls who are in their teens. Yoga gives them the physical and the mental strength to fight the challenges of daily lives. It can make teenage girls fit, slim, confident, help them in getting a glowing skin and fight menstrual cramps, make their mind calm helping them focus on the positive things. A few exercises and asanas especially help in making the body stronger so that girls are able to sustain a chaotic lifestyle.

Yoga for teenage girls

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Breathing exercises and meditation

Starting with breathing exercises will help them get a new perspective towards life. A person is extremely calm during the breathing exercise and focuses on the breathing, which makes the person feel connected to nature, life and oneself. The mind also becomes far less wandering thanks to meditation and it helps in distancing oneself from negative thoughts and other distractions of life. Breathing and meditation do not require any particular pose or place, one can do it wherever and whenever. Meditation will help the girls perform better and become rational and become better decision makers too.

A few Yog asanas which are of great help to the teenage Girls are :

Mountain Pose (Tadasana) – Mountain pose is the foundation of all the standing yoga poses, in this pose one becomes like a mountain by standing tall and steady. It is a good stretch for core, arms and legs and strengthens the muscles and heart. It increases the height and helps attain overall balance.

The plank pose – Lie down with your face downwards and start raising your upper body with your arms. Go on till your arms are completely straight and strong, now raise your lower body on your toes to make sure your knees aren’t bent. This position is the plank pose, your core, arms and legs should be tight and strong. This strengthens the legs and the arms and also helps in improving focus and helps in getting a glowing and youthful skin.

The warrior poses – This pose helps in improving the concentration, balance and strengthens the arms, legs and back muscles all in one go. It is a very graceful asana and shows how much control you have over your body. Teenage girls who practice this pose will feel strong and confident. They would feel like the situation is under their control.

Headstand – A headstand will help the kid in fighting anxiety and will also make the blood rush to the head, which makes the skin glow and the mind calm. Teenage girls should try doing this pose, but should also be careful and ensure that they do it with an adult so that the chances of getting hurt reduce. Teenage girls are very conscious of their looks, so, this pose will give their face a healthy glow.

Legs up the wall pose – This pose helps in fighting stress and also makes the lower body stronger, teenage girls can fight menstrual cramps using this pose where the legs are at 90 degrees with the body and are rested at the wall.

Thus, Yoga will make the girls feel smarter, more confident, focused and calm. It will make their body fit and their skin glow which will give them the confidence to become the best version of themselves. Teenage girls go through various stressful phases, push them to start doing yoga so that they are able to cope with the stress and emerge victorious.


  1. Teenage is one of the toughest yet best parts of the life of anyone. One can experiment without the fear of losing it all and can invest the most in the self-building. In this vow, yoga is seen as an important component for all the young girls. When you are in your developing phase, you have to face a lot of hormonal rush altogether in sensitive areas of the body. For this, yoga is a must for the teenager girls in any aspect.


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