Yoga for Teens to Reduce Anxiety

The teens of today have to deal with a lot of pressure due to the competition in their everyday lives. This makes them take a lot of stress which over the time turns into anxiety and panic attacks. Anxiety is basically taking too much of tension about every little thing and it also destroys the peace of our lives and our mental calm. Anxiety makes a person start fearing the actual events because we tend to overthink and make issues big in our head. Yoga is one natural form of exercise which can help people get over anxiety and stress.

yoga for teens

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Breathing, meditation and Poses, the great combination of all three can transform a person and the way he/she leads his/her life. Here’s how :

Breathing exercises – Breathing exercises give the person the time to step back from the daily running around of a busy life and concentrate on their breathing. Through this a person feels fresh and connected to the nature and oneself. A person starts taking his own life seriously when he feels connected to his body, breathing exercises also calm the mind and the body and prepare them for further challenges and rational thinking.

Meditation – Not only does meditation improve a person’s power of concentration and focus, it also helps the person throw away unnecessary tensions out of their system. While meditating a person thinks of all the positive aspects of life and calms his mind making all the stress and anxiety vanish. For students it is even more beneficial because they get the time to rejuvenate their sense and start feeling fresh immediately and thus, they can concentrate and perform better.

Asanas – The various poses of yoga, the natural exercises of yoga help a person in keeping their body fit, blood circulation in check and their health in good form too. Specific asanas like-

Dhanurasana (bow pose) –  in which you bend your body back in the form of a bow while your core rests on the ground, helps a person in feeling strong, getting more energy and fighting anxiety.

Vrikasana (the tree pose) – is the one in which you balance your body on one foot while the other is slightly raised and your hands are folded in Namaste, this pose is a fundamental in fighting anxiety because with your eyes closed and long breaths, you are focusing, balancing and concentrating, thus, making you aware of your physical self.

Sukhasana – this is a pose where you sit normally with your legs folded and palms on your knees. This again is a relaxing pose which might take some time to get used to.

Ardha Chandra asana (half moon pose) – where you balance your body on one arm and leg while the other arm and leg are stretched in the air. This helps in maintaining physical and mental health.

Viparita Karani (Legs up the wall pose) – the pose where you lie down right next to the wall and you rest your legs on the wall at 90 degrees with your body. The blood rushed to your brain, making you feel calm, your mind clear and your skin glow.

Balasana (child’s pose) – the balasana is also known to be taken as rest in between the other asanas in a yoga class.This pose helps in relaxing the stress in back, neck and shoulders where most of the stress lies and making the person feel lighter and fresher.

Thus, yoga has a remedy for everything from stress, anxiety and panic attacks to younger skin, and fit and healthy body. One needs to embrace yoga in its most natural form to be able to live a healthy life and enjoy the benefits. Also, the sooner you start the better you will feel, so, now would be the time for you to change your lifestyle.


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