Yoga for youthful skin

Are you one of those people who have tried anything and everything to keep looking younger? Are you also one of those who are really furious because all those cosmetics and creams are actually no good? Well, we might just have the perfect and the most natural solution to your problem. This solution comes with dedication and hard work and pays off really well. Also, because of it being completely natural, there are no side effects at all. Want to know what this wonderful answer to all your prayers is? It’s yoga. Yoga has way too many advantages to keep a count, one of those many advantages is that practicing yoga regularly blesses you with a youthful skin.

youthful skin

Here are a few poses that will help you get a glowing a youthful skin :

Plow  – In this particular pose, a person is lying face upwards and raises his/her legs at 90 degrees with their body and then pulls them till they reach right above the head, touching the ground beyond the head. The arms will be placed alongside your body. This pose helps in giving the skin a natural glow and is anti-ageing.

Shoulder stand – in this pose a person starts by lying on the ground and raising the legs to 90 degrees, like in the plow pose, but then you need to slowly raise the rest of your lower body too, especially the bottom, supporting yourself using your palms.

Dolphin – in a dolphin pose you could lie with your face downwards and then slowly raise your bottom. The legs need to be planted apart without bending the knees and your head will be right above your forearms while the forearms will be pressed against the ground to support you. You will need to keep your shoulders, legs and abs tight. s

Bend forward – While you stand with your feet planted apart at hip distance, bend your upper body forward and bend your hips towards your toes. Relax your neck and fold your arms and stay in this position for a minute.

Plank – Lie down with your face downwards and start raising your upper body with your arms. Go on till your arms are completely straight and strong, now raise your lower body on your toes make sure your knees aren’t bent This position is a plank pose, your core, arms and legs should be tight and strong. This pose helps in anti-ageing overall.

Headstand – Like the name suggest this pose usually has a person standing on their head, taking some support from their forearms. This pose can turn out to be dangerous, hence, a lot of care is required while doing it. One can try doing it against a wall because then there is no fear of falling. The blood rushed to your head and gives a glow to the face.

Other – Breathing exercises also helping in giving a glow to your skin as your mind is free of worries and stress.

Controlling one’s thoughts and mind gives one an authority over themselves. This can help you meditate and your face starts reflecting whatever in your mind, giving your face a calm and stress-free look.

So, if you really want a youthful and glowing skin and are sick of all the temporary or unnatural products which make a hole in your pocket and do not give results, you should definitely try these poses. The best thing about yoga is that you don’t have to spend any money, you can do it to maintain a good body and skin and your mind will also become peaceful. It gives you multiple benefits in no price. Definitely worth trying, I think!


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