Yoga Poses to Boost Confidence

Believing in yourself and having that confidence in you will always pay you in the long run. In an era like today when you question yourself if you have that perfect personality that everybody is looking for, yoga helps you in achieving everything that one can ask for- healthy body, peaceful mind and strength and confidence to face everyday challenges. Yoga makes one’s body flexible and tones all the muscles because each asana is directed to shape some muscle.

When a person does yoga, he/she becomes immensely strong, mentally because of the focus and pushing away all the negativity in and around them, and also becomes physically strong because mastering the art of yoga takes a toll on your body in the beginning but then your body gets toned. Here are a few asanas which will help you in making yourself feel confident-

Start with breathing exercises – The breathing exercises give time to your mind to take in the fresh air from the world and throw out the toxic thoughts from your body. Breathing exercises help in instilling peace and improving mental and physical health. They help you realize the importance of human life and you feel connected to yourself and the world. This helps you in reviving the lost confidence as you become thankful for the gift called life.

Meditation – Meditation is a vital part of yoga, it helps you in focusing on the right things in life and leave behind all the trivial things which hamper mental peace. One also gets strong body awareness and physical authority. A person who has a balanced mind is capable of dealing with everyday challenges with renewed vigor and gives a constant positive vibe.

Makara Adho Mukha Svanasana – Also known as the Dolphin plan pose, this asana helps you in strengthening your abdominal region. It is a difficult pose, hence one needs constant attention and willpower to make sure they don’t give up after 10 seconds of getting into the pose. The pose helps in strengthening your core, arms, chest and stretching legs. It also helps in reducing stress and focusing. With better physical strength and lesser stress, a person feels confident and strong from inside.

Virabhadrasana – This asana is also known as the warrior pose, it has variations too, this helps in improving your concentration, balance and strengthens the arms, legs and back muscles all in one go. It is a very graceful asana and shows how much control you have over your body. Initially, if you feel you lack the strength, then try with an easier variation as your body and limbs should be stretched and very strong in the pose. The pose signifies strength and gives the impression of a person who can deal with all the problems physically and mentally.

Ardha Chandrasana – The half moon pose as people call it, this pose may be difficult for people with self doubt, but on the contrary, it actually boosts self confidence and makes one sure of themselves. Like the warrior pose, this pose also demands strong legs and core, and it will make you feel light and confident once you are able to do it properly. Stretching your core and having strong legs and arms will make the pose look like a half moon and the art of balance is of utmost importance here because wobbling can make you feel uncertain, hence, take your time and master the pose.

Yoga is a perfect combination of exercises which demand mental strength and then converts it into physical form and makes your body look perfect. So thanks to yoga, one can understand that your body is nothing but a mirror of your mind. If you have a strong and peaceful mind, you will have a strong and peaceful body. Also the confidence you have in your mind starts to show in your body language in no time. So practicing yoga is just another way of accepting yourself and striving to become perfect.


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