Why do Young Indians Love to Work Abroad?

There’s a number of reasons why young Indians choose to work abroad, even though getting that job is not an easy thing. From getting frustrated at low paying jobs with high work hours in the motherland, to having to deal with obnoxious – and often less talented but well connected – bosses, to seeking a change of scenery and further growth in professional life, to being ready for new challenges, these are just some of the motivations behind a person’s decision to move overseas and start from scratch in a profession. We look at some of them in detail here:

Extreme Population & Competition

The population in India far exceeds that of any other western nation. This coupled with the fact that India does not have many welfare schemes to take care of its unemployed and downtrodden citizens makes competition for the even most menial of jobs immense. This is especially so for freelancers or those working in creative fields, where people are unwilling to pay competitive salaries, since most of them know that a beginner, or an intern will be willing to take on that role for peanuts, even if the quality suffers and they get a hack job. This makes many people get disillusioned and seek greener pastures. Today, almost anyone with a computer considers themselves a writer, or anyone with a DSLR thinks they are a photographer, and they are willing to take on work which does not pay much, thereby bringing the rates in the entire industry down for those who are truly passionate about their field and have the talent to pursue it.

A Better Professional & Personal Life Balance

We’ve all heard jokes and stories about the obnoxious box, the one who has a number of connections and thus enjoys a good position in the organization, despite not being suited for the role. Most of us laugh at it as an urban legend…that is until we start working and reality hits, and then we realize that the lines between reality and tragicomedy are truly blurred in our world.

Most people end up sacrificing their personal lives for the sake of their jobs, working long hours at the detriment of health and social life to earn money. Sooner or later, most of them break down and realize that they are stuck in a vicious cycle and see foreign pastures as a welcome break from the exploitative conditions suffered in their current work. Stories from friends, family and peers in those nations further motivates them to make the switch as well.

Income in Dollars/Euros 😉

Why earn in rupees when one can earn in dollars or euros – and despite the many expenses of living such as high rent and food costs – still make a better saving each month than what a person managed in India? The lure of foreign currency is strong, and it draws many people to foreign lands.

All of this, coupled with the many options of socializing and entertainment abroad, calls people to those lands, all for the promise of a better, happier, life.


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