Young Parents and flaws in Modern parenting

It is blessing to become a parent for a male as well as for a woman but with a child; also come a whole lot of new responsibilities that the parents have to fulfil in order to give a good upbringing to that child. Parents have to look for each and every aspect of the upbringing of their child and this very process is known as parenting. Parenting is indeed a crucial process because it involves a lot of adjustments, implications, knowledge, experience and even sacrifices from the parents. It is believed that the only that parenting is successful in which the parents are able to create a confident, high-spirited, humble, tolerant and a virtuous personality of their child.

In the old times parenting was not supposed to be so complex and crucial for the parents because that time was also not so complex and tough, things were easy, everything was simple, people did not have complicated aspirations, and moreover they were not so demanding but the present scenario is entirely different. The parents of today are the so-called Modern Parents who give too much importance to their own aspirations, dreams, ambitions, education, and strongly believe in a complex process of parenting. And that is why the young parents face many challenges and complexities posed by the modernized system, during parenting their children.
For the young parents the process of parenting is a high-priority and that which they want to pursue with their sheer dedication and intelligence. They are aware and alert, they want to do everything thing for their child, they wish to provide every facility and comfort to the child and in this hustle and bustle, they sometime feel completely exhausted and perplexed. But for giving a right parenting and to lessen the complexities and challenges of parenting; they should first of all understand the dimensions of parenting which are described in the following paragraph.

Parenting and its Dimensions

Parenting in the modern times has become complex and challenging because the parents are not able to focus upon the exact dimensions of this process and sometimes blindly follow the needless practices and impart unnecessary information to the child. Parenting or in fact a good parenting revolves around the Five main aspects of development of the child and these are:

  1. Moral Development: moral development is related with the inculcation of good values and principles in the child. since the young parents believe more in the modern and westernized values (such as individualism, self-centeredness, impatience, wickedness, hurry etc.) they tend to impart the same in their child and thus the child stays untouched by the fundamental moral values (honesty, truth, patience, wisdom, humility, tolerance, respect, compassion, etc.) that truly make him/her a virtuous person. Young parents should not lose their hope and faith in their Indian moral values that work as the building blocks for the child.
  2. Social Development: social development is related to the social exposure or the socialization of the child. It also includes the kind of company the child is introduced to, the young parents are themselves very social and thoroughly enjoy late night parties, company of many friends and all, and they also do not hesitate from drinking alcohol and smoking in front of their kids. And this is the kind of socialization the small kids tend to get in the modern times. Socialization is a vital process that should be accompanied with a right company, involvement of elders and relatives and restrictions on bad habits followed socially.
  3. Personal Development: it is to do with the physical development of the child, it is found that mostly young parents themselves are so busy that they do not have any time to work out and to exercise, they enjoy junk/fast food, and thus such a life routine is transmitted to the child who becomes habitual of a dull life routine. Rather the young parents should include the habit of exercising for few minutes or should take the child to the park on at least weekends to play any sport. This will encourage the child immensely to get engrossed in physical activities to keep the body fit and healthy. Eating homemade food is always beneficial for the child once in a while is okay but eating junk on a frequent basis is not at all healthy for the child.
  4. Psychological/Emotional Development: in the modern times every one of us faces many struggles, stress and anxieties which certainly affect our mental peace and harmony. Young parents are found to face many kinds of mental tensions which are in some way reflected on the child, and moreover parents have no enough time to spend and to interact with the child in a profound way. They are not able to communicate with the child about the issues thus the child becomes emotionally insecure and weak.
  5. Spiritual Development: this is one of the most important aspects of child’s upbringing that most of the young parents tend to neglect. Spiritual development has nothing to do with practicing the religious activities rather it is to do with imparting the right knowledge of the self into the child right from the early age. Encouraging the child to explore and experience the harmony and beauty of the inner-self is very important; practicing meditation is also an important part of the same. Young parents must practice spirituality in their lives to manage their stressful lifestyles and to enhance inner stability.

Young Parents and the Challenges of Parenting

As we have already discussed that the young parents face many challenges during the process of parenting because their own lifestyles, routine and patterns are messed up and not rightly conducted and thus they are not able to give a flawless parenting to the child. If the child turns out to be lazy, irritated, rebel, emotionally weak, physically inactive, follow bad habits, it does not mean that all the mistakes lie with the child only, there certainly have some flaws been left during their parenting which are now resulting into further flaws.

Parenting is basically not a process of imparting knowledge of right conduct to the child but it is actually a process of reflecting and depicting the right way through the conduct of the parents. Whatever the parents do simply becomes an example for the child and a child simply believes in the parents and blindly imitates them. Thus, during parenting the foremost thing that is required is to keep a check on the thoughts, behaviour and actions the parents pursue in their lives. The parents who are themselves misled, intolerant, ignorant and impatient might have to face many challenges in their further life. And those challenges might come forward in the form of physical, mental, social and personal problems for the child only. Disharmony might take place within the relationships of the couple and the children as well.
Parenting is a significant part in the life of the child and it should be accompanied with innate moral values and high standards. Since the parents set the example of being the perfect beings in front of the child thus it is must; that first of all the parents should themselves check, analyse and transform their thinking, attitudes and habits into wise and good structure, and then only they would be able to impart a right parenting to the child. Young parents should understand the importance of one’s own values, principles and virtues in life so that the child can follow the same and feels no regrets in the future.


  1. The age in which we are growing today is more about the age of technology and independence in financial terms. In this rat race to achieve the maximum, the young couples are dreadfully failing as the parents. Having very little time for themselves, sparing a part of it for their kids seems to be a hustle! The nuclear family system has been the perfect cherry on the cake as it devoids children of the company of any elder person. Unfortunately, nation is losing as a whole in this context.


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