How Young People are Uniting in India to Make the Lotus Bloom

The date 11th March 2017 is forever going to remain etched in people’s memory for a very very long time indeed…for that was the day when — after a long sojourn of 14 years — BJP gloriously returned to power in the state of Uttar Pradesh, in a historic landslide victory, winning a massive 312 seats out of a total of 403 seats. In fact, it even managed to register massive wins in Muslim-majority constituencies — a feat that has led a baffled and flabbergasted Mayawati in disarray.

Of course, what makes 11th March 2017 election results even more significant is the fact that out of the five states that went to polls, three will now have a BJP Chief Minister, with BJP enjoying full majority in two out of the three states, aka Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Of course, since we are here to assess how the Indian youth has actually come together to usher in an unfettered era of BJP rule, let us keep our focus to Uttar Pradesh for now. Why, you may ask? Well, for the simple reason that Uttar Pradesh is not only the largest state in India (in terms of population), it is actually one of the youngest states in India, that is to say that in terms of demographic composition, it actually comprises a sizeable population of young voters, which considering the fact that it is the largest state in India in terms of population…is saying a lot!

Thus, in a lot of ways we can safely say that the changed fates of BJP in Uttar Pradesh can actually be ascribed to the youth, who thus went on to help BJP win its strongest mandate in the state ever. In fact, BJP has actually managed to do what it had never done before and has managed win with the highest number of seats the party has ever won in the state so far. [In fact, a quick historical recap: The last time BJP actually managed to cross the 2/3rd mark in Uttar Pradesh was actually in the year 1991 when it won 221 seats, while it was riding high on the wave of Ram Janam Bhoomi movement…a number that pales in comparison to the current 312.]

What the conclusive win at Uttar Pradesh proves is what BJP has been saying for a long time! The time for caste and dynastic politics is passe! The youth of today is smart enough to realize that development and prosperity helps everyone in the process, irrespective of their caste and creed. Thus, BJP’s development-driven election manifesto found a resonance with the youth, who came together in large numbers to help the lotus bloom across the state.

Thus, the fact that the youth today is not partaking in petty political polemic is an encouraging sight. Maybe for once, the politicians will finally learn that a positive agenda based on development and growth is what they will need to win elections from now on. Thus, the message of the youth for our country’s political class is clear: “Perform or perish”!!!


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