Youngest Nation: You Are The Change You Are Asking For!

The reports and surveys have suggested that India is going to be the youngest nation by 2020. The figures suggest that every third person in a city of India is a youth. The figure is going to rise and India is going to beat Japan and even China and, will become the youngest nation. The median age is going to be 29 years. The youth bracket of 15-34 had population of 430 million in 2011 which will increase to 464 million by 2021.

But there is one analysis too with it. The youngest nation of the world, India will have 64% of working population by 2020 but the unequal access to proper, required resources will leave 93% of chances of having a high standard of living only for urban youths. The youth in rural areas will still suffer and given the population of the rural area, the youngest nation by 2020, will still be facing all the inadequacy and lacks that it is facing now.

So, all the marches, the rallies, the opinions and the polls which youth participate in, are in-turn asking back the questions. If by the current stats, every third person is a youth then what all changes we are asking towards building a better place of living is what we are asking ourselves.

Youth Are Responsible For Building A Better Nation:

The nation is all yours. You want the change, you be the change. The force which is coming in future is going to be of your age but according to surveys will remain incapable and more so the same it is today. Unless, you decide to step-up and take initiatives in letting the nation be an equal and equipped platform for all. It’s high time you take a step forward and work in making India, a nation for all.

We are talking about figures that are 5 years from now. If you won’t take any initiatives now then you might end up being the ones who suffered. The big changes are effects of every small action put together:

1. Vote : Be part of your nation’s growth. The biggest democracy in the world is calling you for your opinion. Make it heard!

2. Donate for Children’s Education : The most adversely affected in the coming future are going to be the one who are without the access to education. More than half of India’s children in the age group of 6-14 are not going to school. The youth today are building a platform full of technology but who is going to use it, if more than half don’t even understand the basics.

3. Feed the Hungry : Education and nutrition has paralyzed the nation’s growth from a long-long time. Most people in India are not even able to afford one meal in a day. Youth in India will have to take initiatives and participate in campaigns and programmes working towards feeding the poor.

4. Help Senior Citizens : With a major population coming in the age bracket of youth, requires a much bigger need that we respect, help and assist our elderly in every way possible.

5. Cleaning of Streets & Lanes : The shouting-out-loud pathetic condition of our streets which are filled with dirt and litter calls for the cleaning. Improvement in civic condition will make our nation healthy.

There are many NGO’s which run many different kinds of programmes and campaigns to let youth help the nation. You can become a volunteer and make future for many a better place.

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  1. At the moment, we are all cheering the fact that we are the youngest nation in the world. We have the asset of manpower and the best of the resources. At the same time, we tend to ignore the fact that if not groomed in accordance, the same asset may turn into a liability! Our youngsters are the best of the power we have and we may ever have but their development must be so that it works for the nation. Also, the resources are there, no doubt but the distribution is unequal. The power lies in few hands and this is posing a threat to the nation parallelly!


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