Youth and Entrepreneurship

On a typical Sunday morning, after I woke up late, I was baffled when I encountered my parents’ questioning eyes on me. I immediately felt guilty thinking that I intruded in a private conversation and just as I was about to turn around and go back to my slumberland, my dad called me to sit with them and have ‘a talk’. The words ‘a talk’ are never good news; it leads to detailed discussion, uneasy explanation and reasoning with people who do not belong to your generation which is like pushing a wall, hopeless and tiring.

My dad held out the newspaper and told me to read an article which was about a girl who had quit her job just because she wasn’t willing to work as a slave for the rest of her life. I immediately connected to the idea and read the rest of the article with excitement, what I had forgotten was that my parents were still sitting right next to me trying to gauge my reaction. Now, in my 3-year stint, I never once felt that I was born to do what I was made to do. Obviously, frustration and discontent crept in and I took the biggest decision of my life and thought that it is better to not earn than to slog your ass and not enjoy whatever you have earned.

I know for a fact that these words echo through the minds of millions of people who are going through their quarter-life crisis and the result is the mad number of startups that are springing up by the second and reproducing by the hour. We all want to have a say in our lives, being able to sip coffee in peace on a Friday evening, party with friends on Saturday night or go to a serene place for the weekend but our work just doesn’t permit us to do so. So what do we do? We change the way we work. We bring a revolution and make life easier for the millions of people who will follow us in a couple of years.

We all crave for a friendly environment at work, for an ambience which is actually conducive to mental and career growth, but because we went to different places and got nothing but ghanta, we took charge of things. With the ready capital in the market, investors are looking for people who can think beyond the roof, the sky or even the galaxy (not just the box) and FYI, there’s shitloads of such people.

When money meets the brains, miracles happen and hence started the era of entrepreneurship. The kids nowadays are kicking some serious ass with all the quitting happening in the corporate sector and all the thinking and executing happening in their own startups, this era will probably be the longest of any of the eras there have ever been.

The only problem though can be that nothing remains new and fancy for a very long time. We are head over heels in love with the idea of creating a work space where people enjoy as well as work and show growth, but is this possible with the existing human nature? The questions that arise in one’s mind are – How much do you think is too much? When do you need to stop? Is having fun constantly so important in life?

The point remains the same, unlike the older generations, this one is not ready to compromise with its wants and desires. They want nothing but the best and they are ready to take their chances. The idea sure seems lucrative, but it needs meticulous execution to ensure the desired results. And well, the generation today is confident and smart, I am sure they will find a way around it. They definitely have a way with things and with time. They are invincible!

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  1. To me, entrepreneurship is not everyone’s cup of tea. The level of patience, determination and the struggle demanded by the years of entrepreneurship are hard to find that early in people. However, it is a glad sight to watch that our youngsters are presenting that level of patience which is required to be an entrepreneur. It is a positive sign that our youth are pledging to turn the tables around.


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