Youth and Unemployment

Unemployment, at one point of time, used to be a state where the person who is willing to work is not getting a job but today, just like everything else, this has changed too. I may not be able to speak for all of us but a lot of us have tried our hand at different jobs including our niche area. We went to work, sat there, worked and hatched eggs(at times) and then got bored or even frustrated. With that started a new era of living on our own terms where we took oath that we won’t work under somebody, we would do only what gives us contentment and what keeps us interested forever.

The only sad part about this is that not all of us have quite reached a place where we know what to do with our lives. Not all of us have enough money to start something of our own and we can’t really talk people into investing in our venture. So that can be counted as the first reason why we’re unemployed, because we want to do something interesting, which I am guessing is non-existent.

Other than that we have witnessed the beginning of like a million new start ups, these start ups have also punched the economy in the face. Here is how –

1. Lack of expertise – This is one of the major reasons why some of the new ventures never see the light of day. Ideas do not always work, they fail, they rot and they sometimes make a start up, worth lacs, totally worthless.

2. Not willing to pay too much – They want people, people who work really hard but they can’t really pay them. Why? Because oh! They’re just a start up.

3. They want experienced people – Yes, you read that right. They want people with experience to come, help them reach new heights and earn nothing. The others who have no or very little experience can intern for free.

4. Need out of the box thinkers – They all want out of the box thinkers, but if all of us were out of the box thinkers wouldn’t that actually make us run of the mill thinkers?

5. Require people to multitask – they practically want everybody doing everything, all the time. People should be sarvagun sampan, almost like the typical Indian bahu.

And then there are the usual reasons that lead to unemployment amongst the youth, which are –

1. Glut – Glut means when a lot of us get the exact same degree and aim to work in the exact same position to earn a lot of money. Just that, our country is still developing and it might not have room for so many people to work at the exact same level.

2. Population – Yes, each one of us is to be blamed here. We should have thought before coming into this world. We should have predicted the position of the ‘market’, after 20 years, before popping out of our mothers.

3. Technological advancement – Dagnabbit! I don’t know what to call it, it helps us but it gets the work done cheaper and faster so the companies don’t need us anymore. Technology has made us superfluous. Start looking out for robots, people.

4. Corruption – People pay money to start earning money. This happens a lot. People want fancy government jobs and they know powerful people who can help them get what they want, I wish knowing the Avengers was helpful here but sadly it isn’t.

The problem of unemployment is far deeply rooted than we think of it to be, and we are not getting out of it anytime soon. Not until we all think only about ourselves and our bank accounts and forget that we all are actually a part of something way bigger and more important, the global economy.

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  1. Unemployment is one of the hounds troubling Indian educated youth for a long time by now. It is the political failure that this situation persists even after almost 70 years of the independence. The population explosion and limited resources have further distorted the situation. Here, the government must focus on policies which generate employment and control population. As well as, public must be responsive and aware enough to act upon the implementation of the policies.


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