How youth can bring change in India ?

Youth empowerment is about young people achieving their potential using their complete abilities and talents. When this happens young people gain the ability and authority they need to visualize, plan, implement, critique and re-organize life around them.

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The ways in which youth are changing the world:

  1. Teaching adults and younger people about the power of youth, their capacity and wisdom, thereby helping enable a generation of action and transformation.
  2. Through the use of media, like creating movies, documentaries, apps, websites, newspapers, the youth are spreading the message of change and progress.
  3. Leadership activities like taking control, managing, directing others or themselves. Rather than leading in a namesake way, the youth today are exploring, learning and examining as much as they can about the world around them.
  4. Taking direct and tangible actions are proving beneficial to the society. Critical thinking has transformed schools, organizations etc.
  5. What was passed over from generation to generation was adopted without much analysis, in the earlier days. But the youth of today follow a different approach to the same issues. They are coming forward and questioning those beliefs and reforming them, which is leading to a welcome change in the society.
  6. Education has undergone a drastic change and studies no longer revolve around books and classrooms, rather real time projects and experiments are being carried out giving them an in-depth knowledge about the subject.
  7. Social issues are being addressed and a lot of superstitious beliefs and customs are being done away with.
  8. Television serials and real time shows are helping people understand their issues in a better way, paving way for constructive solutions. With the advent of technology, the society has undergone a drastic change. The leaders are better educated today, giving rise to better living conditions.
  9. The disparity between caste, creed and income groups is diminishing rapidly. It is now normal for people of different castes or income groups to mingle without much trouble.
  10. Villages in India boast of better facilities and the literacy rate is changing. With schools emerging in villages, employment is shifting from traditional avenues to modern ones.
  11. Festivals are being celebrated grandly with people of all castes and income groups. Ganesh Chaturthi is one festival, where people come together and celebrate it with pomp and grandeur.
  12. New schemes and plans are being implemented across various sectors and progress can be noted. The living standards have improved due to this.

There is always a negative to a few positives as nobody is perfect. While our youth is working hard towards development and progress, a few setbacks exist even today. Competition has increased like never before and reached an all time high. In fact the completion starts right from the time a baby forms in the womb. Stress levels have increased leading to health issues in young people and untimely deaths. Social crimes have increased as well, leading to chaos and destruction. The urge to possess more has rendered peace to almost nil. Suicides have increased due to pressure and failures.

So while the youth has been working towards a better tomorrow, they have not been able to solve issues at all levels constructively. With consistent efforts and working persistently, there is always hope of better times to come.



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