Youth is waking up and must maintain the momentum

Gandhi’s greatest weapon that he used against the British was the anger, enthusiasm and unity of the young people which he very much called upon for active participation in freedom struggle. Infact, he united a quarter of the extremely diversified population of the World with no hereditary authority, technology or religious teachings. And that is how the rise of Nehru, Bhagat Singh and likes of them gained foothold in a struggling India with the support of waves of utmost passion and patriotism for their motherland.

However, the Indian youth is experiencing a communicable detachment with the world of politics. The serious lack of implementation skills as well as the sweeping in of corruption and domination mostly from the politicians’ end has led to a proliferating apathy towards governance in whole sense. Such is the distaste that the youth is left to grade the whole system as infectious. To be honest, they are not to be blamed. We have a Parliament which is supposed to be a symbol of democracy but the reality is – Parliament of India has come down to derogatory treatment, a mockery of democracy at that. We have a handful of insolent in the form of MPs in the legislative houses of India with 186 out of 541 winning candidates having past criminal records. Yes, they are our ‘reliable’ leaders polishing India for its secret appointment with destiny. However, this is not reason enough for a rude awakening from politics.

Data gathered by PRS Legislative Research in 2014 spoke of India’s aging parliament with just 71 new MPs under the age of 40 and another 216 under the age of 55. In comparison, 212 were between 56 and 70, and another 41 were over 70. So another reason might be that young people are robbed off opportunities to participate in governance of the country because of claims by the ‘seniors’ of how the dearth of experience could lead to misrule. This reason seems more exerting given the exclusive possession of old leaders in almost every political party.

Not to forget, we all are witnesses to the hierarchical system of political candidates’ manifestations. It is a matter of utter shame to realize how our ‘pragmatist’ world offers favorable prospects to ones who belong to political dynasties for holding the post of MP. Politics has always been conceived as a filth-filled career with no absolute motive towards betterment of society but for personal acquirement of the needful. On the other hand, the persisting political exposure at the university level is ungenerous, less vibrant and driven by the interests of national level political parties. This is why campus elections look nothing less than dogmatic hazards which are represented by candidates who are at a imaginable proximity with the political leaders. This is an exemplification of a situation where talent or creativity takes a backseat amidst a plethora of influential.

A country like India, which had sown seeds of hope before independence, is a living example of how the youth could be the fuel to a greater picture. No doubt that last 62 years had been an appreciable graph of highs and lows but keeping India’s visions in mind we urgently require some young leaders who are an embodiment to vigorous energy, creativity, morality, and diligence.

With the importance of debates being realized by the youth, issues on varied topics have been addressed. This generation has been eager in determining the right and wrong through continuous voicing efforts and through responsible group discussions. Good news is, the youth is slowly becoming aware of their rights and eventually fighting for it.

Along with Intelligence Quotient, an uprising Emotional Quotient is crawling into India’s culture. The youth is sensitive, creative and interested – be it the candle march of a large mass in Nirbhaya’s case or the protest against Jessica Lal murder case or the series of protests at the University of Missouri related to race, workplace benefits and leadership. The emergence to abide by duty is slowly being felt by generations, be it by India or the World. Also, students of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), the country’s premier film education centre, have been on an indefinite strike protesting the Information & Broadcast Ministry’s surprise appointment of television actor-turned-politician Gajendra Chauhan as Chairman of the institute. Similar incidents are proof of how generations are waking up and must maintain the momentum.

Because Nelson Mandela once said :

Sometimes, it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom.

Time that we prove him right. Because we are young and we are free.


  1. In my opinion, the elections of 2014 were not just about the politics but it displayed an image of India and its future on the strong shoulders of its youth. The participation of the young India in polling actively and passively have confirmed one thing for sure, the nation is in right hands. All that we need is the best guidance for the best of the brains. Youth is waking up to the dreams of our forefathers and are determined to make them a reality!


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