Youth Mental Health Problems

Pressure more often than not, breaks anything that comes in its path. Youth, due to the various challenges that come its way, has to face immense pressure every single day– professional, personal, and mental. They have the pressure to perform well professionally, be there for the family no matter what, and the mental pressure of being unsure whether they will be able to cope with everything or not. Anybody who is burdened with so many responsibilities or pressures will obviously stagger at some point or the other. And human nature is such that all huge responsibilities are accompanied by stress; high levels of stress, which hamper the steady flow of human life and affect the mental health of the person.


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Stress can be because of various reasons, like mentioned above, but stress is the only mental health problem that man is still fighting with on an everyday basis. It is like a termite which starts eating a person from the inside and doesn’t leave until it has made the person completely hollow. In such circumstances, it is of utmost importance to look for signs that accompany stress so that one can keep things under control.

Signs of Bad Mental Health

People who have high levels of stress often get irritated very easily, they are usually gloomy and exhausted, which can also be counted as mental fatigue. Then, the person starts dealing with an anxiety disorder, which means worrying about too many things without really having a reason to do it. Apart from mental fatigue and anxiety, insomnia takes a toll on the person. He/she is unable to sleep due to anxiety or sometimes without a typical reason and also, the person may start keeping to himself/herself. Stress can make a person feel very alienated in his known surroundings too.

Problems Due to Bad Mental Health

After crossing a certain limit, stress gives birth to various disorders. These disorders are not only difficult to fight, but also grip the person like a snake grips its food. It is often said that it is best to fight mental health problems in the initial stages because later the stages become complex and dangerous, like –

Depression – Anything from being constantly sad to harming oneself can be counted as a part of depression. At the early stage, the person is in a perpetual state of hopelessness, then start the mood swings and paranoia and if not tackled within a stipulated period of time it can lead to disastrous stages like self mutilation and total isolation. Depression also leads to change in eating habits and sleep cycles.

Substance abuse – Drug abuse, like depression, comes in at a much later stage when the person gives up on everything, and turns towards drugs to find solace. Drugs affect the nervous system of a person because they alter the way the neurons transmit information. Drugs can speed up, slow down or even poison the working of the human body. People often start misusing drugs that are easily available like cough syrup, or intake too much alcohol to alter their mental state temporarily.

Eating disorders – To each his own, some people start eating a lot and some people start starving themselves. Depending from person to person this disorder varies from Anorexia, where the person starves himself/herself, to Bulimia, where the person pukes purposely after having food, and Obesity, where the person gains weight due to unhealthy or too much eating. All three are unnatural eating habits and thus could be noticed and taken care of in due time.

The biggest problem with mental heath is that it can be very easily hidden from the rest of the world until and unless someone is noticing all your doings. Hence, if you feel even a little stressed out, you should go and talk to somebody about it immediately or it could lead to devastating results before you know it. Nobody likes being sick and low all the time, so help yourself and get out of that sad place right now.


  1. Changing lifestyle and the increasing competition is one of the reasons of Indians developing the mental illness. Stress, depression, irresistible behavior and anxiety are slowly yet steadily taking over the minds of the youth of this country.
    What can be done to counter this are the small little steps. Taking short breaks at work, walking in a park daily can help a lot. At the same time, taking an off once a while and turning to the lap of nature will have an effect too. Yoga is another solution!


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