Youth Must Rise against Reservation

The social system in India has always been exploitative in one way or the other since the very beginning. Indian caste system had taken the engorged form of social evil ever since the time of Ramayana. as we hear of the stories about the Kevat (the boat man) who took Rama across the river and Shabari (the low caste female devotee of Rama), who tasted the berries before offering to lord Rama. The incidents mentioned as greatness was indeed a human aspect which should otherwise had been something usual.

The ancient Varna System which differentiated the various sects on the basis of the work that they carried out was soon a matter of pride and honour as it more or less became a hereditary rather than professional categorization. From there started the downfall. Sadly and unfortunately even till date this remains a cause of social backwardness and a distinguishing factor which in no way can be termed as righteous.

When India was declared independent off the foreign rule, i.e. the British invasion, they left the nation not only robbed off the gold, diamond and riches but also trust, friendliness and brotherhood, the emotional qualities of the true India. They followed the policy of divide and rule and left India divided and shattered in all possible ways.

To eradicate the social evil, the constitution of India when formed, a special emphasis was laid on the development and better treatment of the backward and under-privileged classes. But, it is painful to know that even after 68 years of independence where on one hand the excellent development and growth demonstrated in the field of space science, research and complex medicine on the other the nation is still witnessing cases of honour-killing and caste-based riots and dissatisfied youth.

Reservation was emphasized when people were required to be treated equally by the so called upper-classes but now after almost 70 years we see that there has been a remarkable change. By way of the caste privileges, the reserved class people have now reached highs and this change is indeed a good sign for growth but on the contrary this has affected the un-reserved classes adversely. Many meritorious and intelligent students do not get a chance to work in the preferred government sectors because of the high cut off and high reservation.

Somewhere, the reservation has left the youth baffled. Whether it is the reserved classes or the general classes, there is always a situation which adds up to dissatisfaction.

The reserved class gets employment but is looked down upon with hatred. There’s always a group-ism and backbiting behind and it affects emotionally somewhere.

The unreserved classes lose opportunities and thus are rebellious against the system and its own people.

The inequality breeds anger, hatred and results in crime and emotional imbalance and outrages.

The inequality gives way to enmity and dissatisfaction.

On one hand the increasing population and bulging unemployment is a cause of concern, on the other the demand for more by the already reserved classes and the contradictions by the others who are neglected even when they deserve much better on the basis of merit is leading to an impaired social system. It is time that we realize that the nation has seen a dawn of development and from here it is a combined responsibility of all to take the progress forward without expecting an advantage over the other but, with equality.

The social evils like road rages for caste-ism, honour killings, political turbulence and unethical practices brings no good; neither to the individuals nor to the community, but only leave a deep scar and void after the irreparable losses which most of the time are unintentional out of a momentary provocation. This does not only leave behind hatred but at the same time a feeling of guilt.

The youth today is well equipped and competent, when there is equality in terms of comfort and utility whether it’s the modern day gadgets or education there ought to be equality for all in all terms. No one should get a privilege on the basis of caste and classes but intellect and merits on the basis of performance.

There has to be a transparency right from the lower level to the top. The corruption is eating up the system like termite; it is the need of the hour that the malpractices come to a complete halt.

Scholarships in higher studies and free education for all at elementary level should be promoted. The fee and concession should be based on the income segment and not the caste divide. The privatization of the education needs to be curbed; this can be regulated by government intervention and stake-holding. The fee structure should be such that everyone can afford and if not then provisions for the scholarships and flexibility must be induced. And this can be implemented only when the youth come forward to make the things happen.

Discrimination in any form is always trouncing in the long run, reservation too is a form of discrimination if observed minutely, this ought to be discouraged. Reservation by the reserved should be given up to stand up and rise with equality. The reservation usually does not earn them respect but a hatred and anguish. Till the time the children don’t know what reservation is they play together and be friends, gradually upon growing up, when they realize the created difference, divergence arise, resulting into enmity amongst once friends. We in the past have witnessed deaths and bizarre faces of the society. And it has not done any good.

Youth should demand and support a just and compatible environment to prove their worth as an individual, undivided and equal. It’s high time we realize that the colour of blood is red not blue and the skin tone depends upon genetics and melanin and not the surnames.

A true visionary, poet laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore, long back conceived a dream for his country:

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls
Where words come out from the depth of truth
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
Where the mind is led forward by thee
Into ever-widening thought and action
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.”

It’s time for the youth to take his dream forward.


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