Youth participation in Democracy and good governance

Of the hundred percent of the population of India, seventy percent of the massive population include today’s youth. And the importance of youth participation in Democracy and Good Governance cannot be, in any way, underestimated. In fact, they play a very major role in uplifting a country’s stature.

A democracy depends upon the will of the majority and youth comprises the majority in India. The youth of India has a very important role to play in shaping India. But how can they do that?

Exercising their rights to vote : The constitution having the youth bestowed with the right to vote is itself a blessing for the country. A single stick can be broken with just a hit, two sticks can still be broken, but when a bunch of sticks are being tied together, they cannot be broken, and that is the exact case in the present day youth. If the youth today understand the present day scenario of the governance in India, know their voting rights, can choose a better government to govern the country. Having exercised their right to vote, they can change the government with their collective power and effort. Hence, the youth having the right to vote in itself is the biggest power they possess in bringing good governance in India.

Social services to the society : By offering their services to the society, the youth will indeed spread a positive vibe all over the country. Recently the Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has motivated its citizen to stop littering around and keeping the country. In these cases, the youth has a very major role to play. If the youth of today starts offering their selfless services and start cleaning up the surrounding, stop others from littering around and tell them to use the dustbins, this act though seems petty can take the whole country by a clean revolution. Small things like cleaning the environment, asking people not to urinate in public walls, stopping them from spitting their betel juices all over, though not fast, but will slowly witness changes in the heart and mind of the people. This is definitely possible if the youth today offer their full participation.

Spreading awareness in rural areas : There are places in India, villages especially, where the people don’t even know what their basic rights are, what they can demand and what are they entitled for. Due to this unawareness, many people remain aloof from the services they could easily enjoy making the lives of themselves and their families much easier. Here, the youth can play their part by imparting the knowledge to the rural areas by setting up awareness camps from village to village. This in return will develop the country as a whole. If we can imagine the youth of every state take up responsibilities like these in every state, it will take no time for India as a whole to be known for keeping their citizens happy and making their daily lives easier.

Being a responsible citizen themselves : To tell others what to do and what not to do is easy. Looking at others and criticizing them is even easier, but what is difficult is realizing one’s own mistakes and rectifying them. Flowing with the wrong trends the youth of today tend to adopt some habits which are not at all inspirational. What good can they do to this democracy and governance when they can’t do any good to themselves? Once the youth of today understands their responsibility of being a good citizen, it’s only then they can do well to the country, for every single responsible citizen is what makes the country a better place to live.



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