Youth should study the country’s needs and situation

So what exactly do we mean when we say the country needs us? What does it even mean when we’re asking the youth to step up and take responsibility? Also, why should only the youth always be asked to make a move? The answer to all these questions may be ambiguous, but are out in the open. The country we live in is not seeing the best of the days, it is almost sinking, the youth has the power and the determination to pick it up and put it on the path of development and truth. Also, the youth with its unconventional approach to problem solving will probably come up with the best alternative to the problems which have been lingering on for decades.


Understanding the situation

It all starts by actually studying the situation in the country rather than banking on the verdict of a few people who claim to be experts. Ignoring the media, the politicians and the people who work in the social interest, one needs to figure out what exactly is happening in reality. Also, knowing that the facts and figures shown to the common man are totally false, one should be ready to face his share of challenges while diving deep into the situation.

Looking for the possible sources or reasons

A problem usually doesn’t arise on its own, it is a result of somebody’s carelessness or cheating. To be able to find the source of the problem is necessary because it will help us figure out a course of action and until and unless one doesn’t know where to begin with, they will not be able to tackle the problem completely. We are looking at complete solution here so understanding the depth of the problems like – red tapism, corruption, inability to function etc., is important.

Asking for support

You may come up with a million strategies but you will always have to remember that you will need support to be able to reach every nook and corner of the country. The country has many people who are willing to give up everything if somebody promises a better life, take help from those people ask everybody to gather the information of their areas – what has been going on in the different parts of the society? Are the situations any different and how to go about solving them is they are?

Plan of action

It could be a uniform thing for the entire country with minor changes here and there depending on the situation of a particular are you are dealing with. Or it could be a total different strategy for every area focusing on the problem which needs the most attention in the beginning and then coming down to something lesser intense. The plan of action will come from collective decision making and thought process, it will come from the study of the situation and it will come from the unconventional ideas of the youth.


No situation can be tackled until and unless you’re determined to get rid of it and don’t stop until you do. The challenges India is facing today need that kind of commitment and if we are unable to give that, we may never be able to get to the bottom of the things to be able to uproot them completely. So, one of the major principles of this fight should be perseverance and tenacity.

The Indian youth if given the time and the direction can work wonders to bring this country out of its current crisis. The masses can be happy and the government can function ethically. None of the problems that we wish to uproot will be present in the future if we let the youth study and tackle the situation meticulously.

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  1. The country has certain issues that can be only and only solved by the little indulgence of the youth. Say, education rate. If every educated person decides to teach at least on the underprivileged kid on the weekends, we can surely make a difference. All that is needed is that the youth studies the situation of the country and analyze the problems. Once you are done, propose the best of the solutions. Be the emblem of the change yourself!


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