Why is the youth unhappy today ?

This is the generation that is used to being spoilt by choices. Whatever it may be, they have alternatives that their parents couldn’t even think of. With the technological revolution, there came a revolution in the human race too, they got used to the convenience.

Unhappy Youth

This convenience is what makes or breaks things for the youth. Their approach to everything is convenience based and the minute they have to step out of their comfort zone, they call it quits.


With the boom in online dating, relationships have suffered a major blow. The younger generation believes in dating according to convenience. They tend to lose interest as soon as things start getting complicated. They prefer choosing a person based on how similar their interests are, this whole set up has made relationships fragile and short-lived. Also, it is easier to go off track when you can see options readily available. Commitment is something that this generation is not very comfortable with and that makes dating in this era frivolous.

Career Issues

Their idea of having a successful career is different from what it was in the days of yore. If there is even a single thing that doesn’t work according to their will, they change their job. Adjustment is never an option and changing your job to figure out what you really want in life seems to be the fad nowadays. People believe in following their passion to have a life that they would love, but that comes at a cost. And that cost is being broke most of the times.

Social life

The youth today has a great social life but that too is something that fails to satisfy them. They have friends from work, friends from college, online friends and just by the way friends, but still most of the times they’re lonely. Their social life forces them to have a certain image and behave in a different way and that is what makes them frustrated. Being cool has a new definition and checking out that new pub that has just opened around the corner is their biggest priority, but that seldom makes a person genuinely happy and loved.

Constant communication

Being connected all the time makes them lose their minds. They’re distracted all the time, they’re more interested in other people’s lives and this constant competition of trying to be better than others on the social media exhausts them. This constant communication has only brought harm to their lives and made their concentration level even more sad. This constant pressure of being the best and being popular makes them a part of a race, which is draining.

Low attention span

With so many choices around them, their attention span has gone to the dogs. They barely stick to one thing for long and get bored within minutes. They are constantly looking for things to keep themselves entertained and this act of getting bored with everything also makes them unhappy. Logging on to Facebook every 10 minutes out of habit is a major example of the same.

The youth today is struggling to find a hold in this world. Everything that they touch and want is fragile and this makes them feel lost. This constant feeling of being lost brings them unhappiness and makes them yearn for something more and something that has a deeper meaning. The only way to end this yearning is to kill the distractions and live normally. Being unplugged for a while, focusing on something that actually needs attention and giving people your time is what might help them get the flavor back into their lives. Let’s hope they realize it soon and start acting on it.


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