Best Tech gifts for Mom

God can not be around always, so he created the mother

Have you ever thought about this? God kept himself away from the responsibilities by passing them all to the mother. We all have seen our mother indulged in the multi-tasking and not complaining about it! Now, it is our duty to make her life easier. Here are few best tech gifts for you mom :

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Lenovo Yoga Tab

One of the toughest jobs in the world is to be a mother. A lot to manage without any salary, this volunteered job needs a lot of smart and hard work at the same time. In this journey, it is your responsibility to smoothen the things for your mum. This is where you must gift her a Lenovo yoga tab. Featuring one hand grip and an aluminium kickstand, the company has made it user-friendly to the core. If it is to maintain the health chart or prepare a grocery list, the google apps are a great help and a sharp display adds to the beauty. Take a step and gift this device to your mother.


By now, the world has recognised the significance of the an iPhone. Over the years, it has evolved in the size and the advanced features. The introduction of the retina and Siri is claimed to be remarkable in the industry. Faster, thinner and better than ever before, the ease of use help it reach the list of 5 best tech gifts for your mum. Immense storage space, high-resolution camera and enhanced audio features prove you right for selecting this gift. Help her organize her memos, notes and all the to-do lists in this advanced smartphone gift.

Aura connected alarm clock

One of the struggles our dear mommies face in a day is to achieve a peaceful sleep. If the dear good lady is putting in so much of the efforts for our well-being, let us ease her part on this front. Gift an aura connected alarm clock to your mum and help her have a sound sleep. This alarm clock makes the use of light and sound and transforms the environment of the bedroom. Available with an auto shut feature, this device changes the room colour to restful reds and play certain sounds lending a soothing effect. In the morning, the blue lights indicate brain about the waking time and the best part is she can select music of her choice.


One of the only me time in the entire day for your mum is the shower time. Gift her the shower speaker, iShower! This allows the user to play the songs in the shower due to its water-resistant ability. A Bluetooth-enabled device, iShower has 200 feet range and the lock display. Available with many mounting options, it let the user pause, play and back any particular song. Easy use and reliability besides the pool, beach and spa add to its credits.

iDevice kitchen thermometer

The kitchen is any lady’s battlefield. To cope up with the chores of the house and kitchen demands her to frequently oscillate in and out. Gifting this Bluetooth-enabled smart kitchen thermometer will help her coordinate between the two. This thermometer connects with an app on your smartphone and sends alert as soon as the food achieves the pre-decided temperature. This is clearly going to save her time and confusion.


Managing time for self is a big challenge for Indian mothers. Trouble surrounds when there are no effective means to combat the leisure. Brace yourself, for now, you have this amazon product to your rescue. Kindle allows browse options from 4 million e-books for your mother to read. Different sets of the newspapers, magazines and books available online will bring all smiles to that beautiful face. Its Lab126 hardware platform and colour LCD screen take care of the eyes. So, feel free to wrap this up for her.

MacBook Air

An eleven-inch laptop that can easily fit in her purse is the best thing you can ever gift your mother. The power and a long battery life of the device remove the constraint of charging it every now and then. An iOs enables the system, this will let her work or play from anywhere! What else? It is thin, it is lightweight and it has the technology of the Apple. Do I need to elaborate more?

FaceFX Anti-Aging device

Aging is not a big deal for any woman, but the signs of aging are! In a vow to make it easy for your mommy, purchase her this amazing hand-held anti-aging LED device. It will help your mom in a facial treatment of the wrinkles and reduce the size of the pores present on the skin. Ultimately, it will improve the appearance and this is how you are going to eradicate her one of the biggest tensions in the world.

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  1. Our mothers are hard working. On a hand, they have to manage their jobs while handling the home chores with equal passion. In this case, least that can be done is to ease out their jobs by presenting them helpful gadgets as gifts. Helping her cure her ageing signs with anti-ageing device is something which is next on my list for my mother succeeding an iPhone.


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