5 Questions you must ask yourself before committing to a relationship!

Relationship is a very strong word. It means a commitment binding two people in a single bond, uniting them together as one. It’s of course love I am talking about. But to understand this in minute details, know what may come next, what its consequences might be, how things are going to be, are some of many questions the present day youth don’t think up before diving into the pool of nectar where love is present in abundance. But how long is that nectar going to taste sweet is one big question which the youth, at that point of time, don’t realize, or to be apt, don’t care to realize. So here are the five questions which I think every boy or girl must think, before they give their commitment to a relationship.

Relationship Questions

Do I really love that boy/girl or I am going in a relationship to prove that I don’t come under the category of Forever Alone or Gay or Lesbian? How many times has it happened to us, for those who are single of course, that they are being marked with the forever alone or a homosexual tag? Many a times. Its makes them desperate, and then, when it’s on the peak, they want to escape. They get a proposal, they accept and lo! They aren’t single any more. But is that love, no. Wait for the love of your life to come silly!

Do I still have feelings for my ex? After break up, while the feeling of one partner dies, the other has it still blazed in their hearts. But then, when they are chanced upon another relationship, even though they have their dead feelings, in order to move on they agree for another relationship but would it be right for the other? No. This will only make your boat sink deeper than float freely on the ocean of love.

Are we compatible with each other’s choices?  There are instances where attraction exists, closeness occurs and within days the relationship happens, but does that commitment has any value? No. Relationship is par attraction and romantic talks, it’s more than that and compatibility is a major factor with keeps the relationship in pace, the more the compatibility them more hassle free relationship, or most of the time you will be arguing. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself!

Did I actually love him/her online, without even meeting him? Facebook, whatsapp, hike and several other social networking apps have come into being, and with that have developed the online love affair. But is that online love good enough to dive into a commitment? What if his/her pictures were edited and it turns out to be not what he/she was? What if he has a bad breath? Yuck! Think before you act here.

Did you start loving him within a week and are going to be in a relationship on the eighth day? Today’s youth are obsessed with love at first sight. They look at each other, smile, exchange numbers and propose and within eight days they are roaming with each other. Really? Is that love or mere crush? Love happens with time, it needs to develop. It just doesn’t happen like that. The term for it is infatuation and it varies in different time interval. So give yourself time, feel the aura of love surrounding you, meet each other but don’t offer a commitment you cannot fulfill. And yeah, eight days is not enough to give a commitment of a lifetime.


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