5 Reasons Why Should You Work for a Startup

Most people want to move towards a big company, one which has a good standing in the corporate world and rake in the money once they are done with their education. ‘Think big’, that’s always been the mantra. But sometimes, especially when it comes to your career, it would be better to start small and move on to bigger things. The roller-coaster ride that is a start-up is the best place to gain some invaluable experience.


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Here are 5 reasons why you should work in a start-up :

Making a Difference

Unlike a huge corporate entity where you begin as a small cog in a well-oiled machine, and your role may not be that important, in a start-up your role takes on vital importance. Whatever you do makes a difference, be it writing the smallest of codes for a tech person, or designing and working on a minor piece of art for the creative work. In fact, there is nothing which is minor, everything you do has a visible impact. Every individual is making a difference to the company.

Wearing Multiple Hats

A lot of people who have worked in both start-ups and comparatively larger companies on comparing the two almost always state unequivocally that they learnt more in their first few months in a start-up than in their initial years in a large corporate. In a start-up you are always on your toes and are expected to wear multiple hats. At times you are the writer, the marketing person, as well as the artist. In even smaller start-ups you have to take on even more rolls. And though this sounds like an arduous task, it is anything but. Since you are working on a number of different topics, you develop a varied skillset which will hold you in good stead in the future.


A start-up teaches you to be responsible since every action or inaction of yours has a tangible effect on the business. This will also reflect positively on you if you try to make the shift to the corporate world, or begin your own venture.

The Culture and Atmosphere

The atmosphere of a start-up is chilled out, compared to a corporate, but it is also continuously buzzing and bubbling with creative energy. A dress code is not strictly enforced, so you can go to work in jeans and the like, after all, the important thing is getting the work done, not your appearance. The entrepreneurial spirit is in the air and you end up becoming an innovator and an inventor as well. Coffee, energy drinks, and a successful vision for the future are the major driving factors. It is probably the best place to work for someone fresh out of college.

Your Work Will be Recognized

Since a start-up has a few employees, each one playing an important role, your work will always be recognized. No one will steal credit for what you have done, and if you do good work, you will always be in the limelight for all the right reasons.


  1. Youth is your chance to learn! In this span of young years, you must experiment a lot until you achieve a stage to be your own boss. In this queue, working for a startup is the key you can always take up. Working for a startup will make you responsible and accountable. You will be more oriented towards your goals and the complete the targets with greater enthusiasm.


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