6 Offbeat Getaways from Kolkata

A getaway from the city of joy usually means a trip to popular destinations like Digha and Darjeeling, which attract millions of tourists over the year. Choosing less crowded places could be great fun and one might even come across something completely unexpected. Here’s a list for all the solitude seekers, who like to spend time away from the maddening crowd. Here we go-


Neora Valley West Bengal

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If you are an adventure seeker who craves for pristine and undisturbed habitats, Neora valley is your place. It is located in the Kalimpong subdivision of Darjeeling district. The place is home to the endangered Red Panda. The park is spread over 159.89 km². The forest in Neora Valley has such luxurious growth that even sunlight finds it difficult to touch the ground. Much of the park is still inaccessible, making it an adventurous place for the nature lovers/trekkers who can take the challenge to explore the still-unknown terrain in the Kalimpong hills. One has to travel for 3 hours from New Jalpaiguri via Lava to reach Neora Valley.



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Located at a distance of 235 kilometers from Kolkata, Maithon is located in Dhanbad district of Jharkhand. It is home to Maithon Dam, of Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC), which is one of the earliest river projects of Independent India. The place is surrounded by hillocks and forests which makes it very scenic. One can climb the hillocks and bask in the beauty of the view of Maithon Dam built on the Barakar River. The place is also home to the 500 year old Kalyaeshwari Temple which is located at a distance of 6 km from the dam. One can also go and see places like Garpanchkot and Panchet dam, which are equally, if not more attractive.


Located in Purulia District of West Bengal, Ajodhya Hills are a perfect blend of rural landscape and pristine nature. The place is famous for its forests and fresh streams. It is a popular place for young mountaineers to learn the basic course in rock climbing. It is located at a distance of 650km from Kolkata. The pristine waterfalls, the jungle trek makes and the rural setting makes it a perfect weekend getaway away from the urban landscape.


Biharinath is one of the tallest Non-Himalayan hills in West Bengal. It is a part of the Eastern Ghats. It is 451 metres (1,480 ft) high. It is situated about 60 kilometres north-west of Bankura town. The place is covered with dense forests and is a perfect place for nature lovers and solitude seekers. The place is famous for Biharinath Temple- An archaic Shiva Temple, which attracts a lot of pilgrims. Biharinath is a place where solitude meets divinity.


Udaipur is a virgin beach located on the border of Orissa and West Bengal. It is just 3 km from Digha Station. Despite being so close to Digha, the place is relatively unexplored with a very few tourists around which is just the opposite of Digha. There are casuarina trees along the shore, which makes the view quite breathtaking. This uninhabited beach is around 3 KM long and lies between New Digha and Talsari. The place also offers water and beach sports activities like All Terrain Bike, Parasailing, Speed Boat, Banana Boat etc.


Bakkhali is located on one of the many deltaic islands spread across southern Bengal. Most of the islands are part of the Sunderbans, barring a few at the fringes. Some of these are joined together with bridges over narrow creeks. This small island juts out into the vast expanse of the Bay of Bengal. The place is perfect for someone who likes to be away from the maddening crowd. A walk down the beach during the dusk is a sumptuous experience. It is a hard beach suitable for cycling or even driving. One can also visit Henry’s Island and Fraserganj beach from Bhakkali.

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