6 Ways to Succeed in a Video or Phone Interview

When applying for a job with a large corporate firm in another city or abroad, you can expect the interview to be held over Skype or on the phone. Such interviews are as real as regular sit-down interviews. You need to be thoroughly prepared beforehand; just as you would do for a regular interview. So how do you ensure 100% success when your interview is over the phone or video interview?


Practice is the Key – If you have never faced the camera before or interviewed on the phone, practice mock interviews. Sit in front of the mirror or ask your friend to help you with a pretend phone interview. You cannot hope to succeed if you are too nervous or underprepared. Read up on the company you are interviewing for. Go beyond the company wiki page. You are likely to be asked on the role you are applying for. So, prepare a list of all the relevant questions you could be asked at the interview.

Check your Phone/Internet Connection – Depending on whether you are sitting for a phone or video interview; take care of all the technical aspects beforehand. Make sure you are in a room with good connectivity. Call up your friend to test the phone network or connect with someone on the required video chat platform if you would be appearing for a video interview. Charge your phone or computer before the interview. These interviews are usually conducted by top level hiring managers. You are expected to take care of all these aspects before you appear for the interview.

Dress Appropriately – Just because it is not a sit-down interview, does not mean you do away with your interview etiquettes. If you are sitting for a video interview, dress appropriately. Get rid of any clutter on the background. Keep all your documents at arm’s reach. Keep a list of all the relevant questions you might need to ask your interviewer. Similarly, if the interview is being held on the phone, keep all the documents ready. Dress like you would dress for a regular interview if you feel that would help with the confidence.

Be Punctual: Be ready for the interview by the scheduled time. Under no circumstances should your interviewer have to wait for you. If you are expecting other important calls, inform in advance. Switch off or put your phone on silent mode if you are sitting for a video interview. Sit in a room away from any kind of noise and lock the door if there is a risk of anyone barging in mid-interview.

Be Engaging and Smile– Whether you are sitting for a video interview or you are being interviewed on the phone, smiling during the interaction always helps. It helps in keeping you energized and engaged. On the phone, you would not be able to gauge the responses of your interviewer. You have to make sure that the conversation is engaging. If you are sitting for a video or Skype interview, make sure you look at the camera and not the screen. These are little, but crucial things that make a lasting impression on the interviewer.

Respond Clearly – Make sure you do not talk at the same time that your interviewer is asking you questions. Do not be in a hurry to answer. Take a second, understand the question carefully. Answer slowly and clearly so that nothing is lost in translation. The hiring manager would appreciate your ability to understand questions and answer accordingly.

Ensure that you follow all the above mentioned points to crack the video or phone interview. Remember, what you speak will always be determining factor at these interviews. But, a professional and confident approach will always help you go that extra mile.

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  1. Debolina,

    These are some great tips!

    It’s so important for job seekers to feel comfortable during the video interview, as for many, this is their first time with new hiring technology. The Spark Hire team actually put together a video for candidates with 10 Video Interviewing Tips for Job Seekers

    Sheena Christensen
    Product Marketing Specialist
    Spark Hire


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