7 Lesser known Travel Destinations in Himachal Pradesh

The land of hills and beauty has much more to offer than what people are aware of. It may be also the land which is most popular amongst the travelers, but there are some places in Himachal which still remain untouched. Far from the hustle and bustle of the regular city life, this state offers pure unadulterated peace of mind which most of the people from all over the world covet and thus, get attracted towards it.



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Famous for the cream which people wish they could get their hands on, Malana is one place which will surely win you over and will make you push people to go visit it. Known to be the land of the descendants of Alexander the great, the people here are way too protective about their lifestyle, culture and administrative system.

Lahaul Spiti


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 If you are one of those people who don’t like crowds on vacations, this is one place to visit. It offers the best view of mountains, greenery, rivers and lakes and will give the solace in solitude that you have always looked for in your holidays.



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Located in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, Shoghi is one destination which has its charm but hasn’t lost its virginity yet. Having a religious relevance just ads to the charm and makes the place even more breathtakingly beautiful. And if you are someone who loves the countryside, then this the best place for that one weekend getaway that you have been planning for weeks.


Dharamkot Himachal Pradesh

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Located right above Mcleodganj and Dharamshala, this hilltop provides the perfect contrast to your holiday. Away from the bustling crowds of tourists, you get to enjoy the most beautiful view of the Kangra valley and get your days of peace without any unwanted disturbance.


Barot Himachal Pradesh

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Going to Barot will make you wonder how one place can be a home for so many things. From wildlife sanctuaries to fish breeding centres, from Deodar trees to trekking routes, this place has everything one could wish for on their vacation in their hills. Barot clearly proves that it is way more than just plain beautiful.

Chandra Taal


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Well, a treat for trekkers and adventure seekers, this beauty is located at an altitude of 4300m above sea level and provides the best lake view. The name came from its shape which is a crescent, just like the moon. Situated in Spiti, this is the perfect place for you to go and camp with your close ones. Surya taal is also located in close proximity to this lake, with only 30 kms to cover in between.


Rashol Himachal Pradesh India

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One place which will make you think twice before you plan a trek, Rashol is practically the steepest trek you ever do in a sane state of mind. Located ahead of Kasaul, this place brings out the most basic picture of an Indian village where people live in the most primal ways. The people here are also quite protective about their culture but you could easily get a place to stay and spend your best days in Rashol.

Himachal is always topping the charts in terms of a holiday destination, but why go to the commercial parts when one could go to the not so commercial ones and have a rendezvous with nature. All one needs is a trip well planned because while going to these places one should have a clear idea of the obstacles they might have to face and how to get over them. Other than that, every trip mentioned above will give you the experience and memories of a lifetime.


  1. Himachal Pradesh is a destination that must be a place on top of your bucket list. Having a few of the top mountain peaks in the world, this place has something or other to offer to everyone. If you are a travel enthusiast and open to the experiments, it is advised that you ride along the length and the breadth of this beautiful state of India situated in the lap of Himalayas.


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