7 Sure Signs you are ready to date after a break up

We all know that break up is probably the worst thing that could happen to anyone but, as they say, life moves on. So how do you tell if it is the correct time to start dating again? When is the correct time to get out of your PJs and in that absolutely sizzling dress and high heels and go charm boys again? And when is the correct time to break the promise of not bathing for days at a stretch and trimming your beard again?


Well, there may be millions of signs, but the point is if you are reading them right! Life has weird ways of making us realize that people are in our lives for a reason or for a season and to be able to rise from that rock bottom is your biggest strength. So, lets see when is the right time to make the next move :

When you have genuinely moved on – It doesn’t always have to be people, it is more about moving on mentally. When his/her thoughts don’t haunt you anymore and when you feel you have better things to focus on, then it is sure that he/she has stopped mattering to you. You have moved on in life and now you can re-prioritize your life accordingly. Dating another person is an available choice but you may have to take it slow.

When there is no anger – When you think that your ex is not important anymore. When you don’t even feel like getting angry at whatever happened, and when you genuinely want to put your energy into positive things. Embrace the positivity, but don’t jump the gun. Coming out of a relationship and heading directly into another one may not be the best thing to do. So take your time, get to know new people and then think about it.

When you stare at other men/women again – You know what I mean here, don’t you? You never stare at people this way when you’re already in a relationship. If other men and women start to seem enticing again, you are ready to make the move. Also, don’t let the thoughts from your past deter you from going ahead and asking him/her out.

You are able to look back and laugh at your relationship – When you don’t feel emotional about your relationship and can look at it from a third person perspective. You know things that went right, and things that didn’t. You know exactly what you would want more in life and what you would try to dodge.

You love your own company – It is finally the time when being alone doesn’t bother you anymore. You are comfortable in your own company and other people, especially the ones who left you, have ceased to matter. When you are sure that you are your own boss, it is time to give other bachelors and hotties a chance to win you over.

When you think people are not jerks – If you have stopped thinking that every person who is trying to talk romantically to you is a jerk, then it may be about time you started looking for people who are actually interested in you romantically. People often fail at making a good first impression so don’t judge them too harshly.

Emotional availability – And finally, if you have decided that you will not let the thing of the past damage you emotionally and permanently, you can go ahead and get involved with someone else. Also, don’t make the other person bear the brunt of you having gone through a bad relationship in the past.

We welcome you back to the world of dating. You are awesome and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There are so many eligible bachelors and absolutely gorgeous ladies who are waiting for somebody just like you to come their way. Why deny them the pleasure of getting to know you?

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  1. Any relationship is supposed to be a beautiful venture and must be taken seriously. However, not all the ventures are a smooth cake walk! You may break up and you should break as well. Because love happens and so does breakup! Hey! But before you move on to next partner, make sure you are ready to move on mentally and just there for the sake of physical needs. Good luck! 🙂


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