A Proud Indian at heart!

As we celebrate the 69th Independence Day in a few hours from now, we witness a lot of changes across the social media and around us. The market is full of Tricolors and various accessories, and sudden profile picture changes, patriotic posts, sharing of patriotic photographs, even the way of salutations changes from hi and hellos to ‘Jai Hind’ and ‘Vande Matram’ and not to forget the patriotic songs that forms the ringtones. It’s a good sign though because the patriotism amongst the youngsters was getting lost and buried somewhere in the history books and a few short stories in Hindi and English literature (course) books a few years back.


The nation comprising of close to 60% youngsters expects a little more from the youth as youngsters are the brain and strength of a nation fighting all sorts of evils in the present scenario. Youth are not only the future but the promising change agents who can contribute to a better tomorrow.

Being patriotic does not only mean staking one’s life like the brave-hearts at the security and the armed forces that serve the nation. Patriotism means being proud of our nation and safeguard it from all enemies and evils. Respecting the national symbols, respecting a fellow citizen and his rights and of course sticking to righteousness is a sign of a true patriot.

Every youngster should contribute the best possible for the pride of the nation, in whatever way they can. A few baby steps in the following areas can really bring about a big change.

Protecting the public property

Government provides transport facilities, leisure parks, rest rooms and resting areas across the bus terminals, railway stations and other places but still we citizens, face a problem of scarcity and lack of accessibility, mostly due to lack of maintenance and cleanliness. The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan started by the Narendra Modi government is just a small step taken, which needs a support of each and every individual. The youngsters can set an example for the generation next and also the elderly people who somewhere lack the feel.

Keeping the heritage preserved :

The old monuments and heritage sites suffer a lot of deterioration because of the young couples and local tourists. They would engrave their names and often spit and litter around. This not only spoils the looks and atmosphere but also reduces the number of tourist call-in, thereby reducing the government’s revenues. In the long run it affects the maintenance and economy.

Creating Awareness :

Mostly it’s the ignorance of people that create the chaos and political disturbances. The riots, mass stampedes, gang wars and religious conflicts are usually an outcome of ignorance and lack of understanding and proper crowd management, this in turn results in many. The youth can play a pivotal role in this area.

Raising voice against social evils :

Youth are the power reserves of a nation, if they have the will to change, they will make sure the change. There is so much to be addressed to the social evils like caste system, reservations, dowry deaths, illiteracy, domestic violence, molestation, honor-killings, death due to suspicion on witchcraft and religious conflicts claim many lives of the innocents every year. The erudite and sentient youth can definitely bring in the change. All that is required is a bit of voluntary involvement.

Serving the nation with pride :

The youngsters should look at serving in the defense and armed forces as a career option. Once a soldier is always a soldier! They should show interest in joining the forces even if it is for a short-term basis. This will help channelizing the warm young blood in the right direction. This will not only give them a satisfaction but also train them for the worst. This will create a lot of employment opportunities as well.

The will to take onus :

‘His job’ and ‘whose job’ attitude often leaves the work undone. The youth should take and onus and pride in shouldering the responsibility towards the nation building. This can be done easily by formulating minor changes. Rather than blaming others a self-analysis would surely be an appreciative step.

Volunteer in social activities :

There is so much said and so less done, that’s because of a large population and limited resources. If the youngsters volunteer to educate, create awareness through street plays and workshops, canvass for the right and wrong and drum up support against political outrages and sterile arguments, the country will certainly see better dawns.

Last but not the least, strong gesticulation:

The youth is often seen misbehaving and being rude to elders. Not on purpose but as a habit due to communicating with friends informally and mostly unintentional. But that transitory slip in proper gesticulation leaves a deep-rooted scar and guilt between both the parties. The youngsters in their youth go in the wrong direction under the influence of power and money. This should be checked. The seniors should guide the juniors.

These small gestures will assertively bring out a sea change. The youth today is certainly not money-minded but delivers pertaining to hard- work and a result driven projection and of course asks for only what is reasonable. This quality of the youth is certainly a driving force for the nation to attain betterment and growth, leading to a dignified aura of our beloved nation.
The true patriotism reflects in the eyes of a true Indian at heart! It can be felt in the spark of his eyes and the head held high with pride!

Image Courtesy : Indian-Picturesofindia.blogspot.com


  1. Superb piece. So topical and relevant. You have put it so well. Kudos. A few things will go a long way in taking the nation to dizzy hrights.


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