Advantages of Studying Abroad

There are numerous advantages to studying abroad, irrespective of the country of choice. Be it America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or somewhere else in Europe, all of these have certain common advantages for those who venture there. From turning you into a well-rounded individual, immersing you into many different cultures, making you more tolerant of another’s leanings and choices, to increasing your confidence and ability to deal with a host of challenging situations while keeping a cool head.


The most obvious advantage is that you will be living alone, and with that sense of freedom and independence comes a lot of responsibility. You see, you will be responsible for yourself, there won’t be the comfort of family to hide behind, and while this can seem like a scary, insurmountable task, it is also an important part of growing up and following your own part, of finally taking on your life by the horns and making it bend to your will. Oh yes, you will have to cook for yourself, clean for yourself, wake up on time for your appointments without having your mother yell and wake you up, but as this goes on, one day you will realize that you have become fiercely independent, and that you can take on anything that life has to throw at you.

Beyond that, you will be studying in an international environment with people from a host of different ethnicities and backgrounds, and you will be able to learn something different from all of them, thereby growing as an individual. You will be able to inculcate the best of habits from the world over, and become not only a better professional, but also a better person. You will develop friendships with people from all over the world and overcome whatever inherent biases you have against people, based on either geographical or racial or religious boundaries and realize that all of you are the same – people seeking their own path in life, in the pursuit of happiness, on the quest for their dreams.

Onto the financial aspect, studying abroad will help gain you a footing in the international industry, thus leading to earning in dollars, pounds, or euros, while also being a vital cog in a work culture where you are treated not as a machine, but as a human being, with a separation between your personal and professional lives. If you manage your finances well and are thinking of moving back to India after a few years, then the money you have earned could also be of help in you retiring at a young age and then following your own passions or ventures, without the pressure of the workplace hanging above you like the Sword of Damocles.

Another advantage will be that you will be living in a first world country with a high standard of life, with lots of recreational activities to keep you recharged after your daily dose of work and studies.

These are just some of the advantages of studying abroad, so go on, padawan, the world awaits. Go forth and conquer.

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