Attention seeking behavior in Teens

Teenagers have seen to be the most attention seeking individuals ever. This behavior is consistent and drives most of the teenagers up the wall. The reasons for this could be many, ranging from the feeling of being neglected to change in hormones to trying to understand what life is.

Teens Attention Seekers

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Teenage is the time when a person starts observing the world and the things around him/her in detail, and starts developing his/her own personality. It is for this purpose that a person needs attention the most, to carve him/herself into a beautiful and a secure human being. And this is how you can make sure that your kid turns out to be the best-

Do’s for parents

1. Open communication with teenagers – The parents should take out time almost everyday to talk to their teenage kid. This will ensure that the kid is close to the parents and gets the attention that he/she needs. Lack of communication, on the other hand, will make the kid feel unimportant or neglected, because of which he/she may go off track.

2. Friendly behavior – Teenagers don’t like being patronized all the time, and that is why the parents should be more friendly whenever they talk to their teenage kid. They should encourage the kid to look for a solution to their problem rather than shouting at them. They should ensure the kid that they will be there whenever he/she needs advice. And, they should avoid judging and jumping on to conclusions as much as they can.

3. Encourage them to be who they are – Teenagers are mostly unsure of themselves. And parents should encourage them to find their real self and stick to it no matter what. Keep encouraging them to try new things and to find what suits them the best.

4. Support them – Parents should always support their kids when they are right. This can mean supporting the kid when he/she is trying to do something unconventional or difficult or showing through gestures that they are there for him/her. But they should also make sure that they don’t do the same when their kid is doing something that is unacceptable.

Don’ts for parents

1. Parents should never ignore the kid when he/she says that he/she needs to talk. No matter what you’re doing, nothing can be more important than your kid.

2. The parents should never fight or disrespect each other in front of the teenager. You are only setting an example for your kid as to how he/she is supposed to behave with the two of you and you certainly don’t want your kid to be yelling at you.

3. Parents should never compare their teenage kid with any other teenage kids. Teenagers hate being compared and love being who they are. Encourage this by accepting them the way they are. If you think they’re on the wrong path, just talk to them about it in a friendly manner.

4. Hitting the teenager under any circumstance is totally out of question. If somehow you happen to lose your cool, don’t talk to the teenager right then. Wait for some time and once you have cooled down, have a conversation with the teenager telling him/her about what made you so angry.

The attention seeking behavior is nothing but a way to say that the kids need to be cared for. Any individual on this earth is unable to sustain himself or herself without love, care and support. Show your kid that you care for him/her through your actions and ensure a strong bond forever. Your kid will depend on you only if he/she feels that you’re worth it. Be their strongest pillar and let them know how worthy you are.


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