How to become an Automobile engineer

A lot of students aspire to become a specialized doctor or an engineer and the like, but the only thing that stops their advancement towards their dream is the lack of knowledge. We all live in a country where half of the options remain unknown to people just because of lack of knowledge, even today. For instance, only a few people know that there are courses that train a person to become a sommelier or there are courses available in creative writing. And when it comes to conventional fields like engineering, students remain oblivious to the plethora of options even after pursuing the streams.

So if you’re somebody who wants to become and Automobile engineer and are clueless about how to go about it, here is what you need to do :

1. For 12th grade, one would obviously have to choose subjects based on the fact that they’re planning to do engineering further. So, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are a must and in order to further sharpen their skills, they could choose Informatics Practices as an option. Apart from these subject, there is a minimum eligibility of 50 to 60 percent marks in the boards that would qualify the student to sit for the entrance exams.

2. Entrance Exams – The next step would be to choose the exams that one would sit for. There are various entrance tests, like – for IITs, a joint entrance test for various colleges in India by the name of AIEEE, and every state has its own CET. Also, there are various institutions that conduct their own individual entrance tests. Choose the ones that you would want to sit for and prepare accordingly. In the last few days before the tests you could choose to go in for crash courses that are available across the country.

3. Choosing the stream – After getting through the test, it is during counseling that you would have to choose your stream. During that you will have to choose either Mechanical or Automobile Engineer. A lot of companies in our country recruit Mechanical engineers as Automobile engineers after putting them through a training.

Some of the companies also choose engineers from streams like electrical, design and electronics and train them for the job.

4. Specialization – In a few colleges there is an option to specialize in a particular field within Automobile engineering. A few of these fields are – engine systems, electronics and control systems, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, alternative fuels, emissions control, fuel technology and emissions, etc. A particular specialization will make your career all the more focused and will give you the right direction to work towards.

5. Career growth and scope – The automobile industry is constantly growing and that is why there are ample opportunities in this field. The automobile industry contributes to a considerable amount of the GDP and India is amongst some of the best countries that make automobiles. So without a doubt the job opportunity in this field is going to grow in the coming years too.

The roles that this particular field offers are –

  1. Designing, development and manufacturing of the product
  2. Creating a blueprint of the product
  3. Service and Maintenance of the product

The designations that a person could be at are –

  • Automobile Technician
  • Bike Mechanic
  • Diesel Mechanic
  • Car Mechanic
  • Automobile Designer
  • Executive and Managerial Positions

The salary starts at a monthly amount of Rs 15,000 and can easily go up to or more than 1,00,000 per month. And with this comes the perks of working for big or multinational companies that are incomparable.

All in all, this field provides great opportunities and money too. People who love machines and are passionate about creating something that can challenge the existent should definitely go in for this.


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