How to become an awesome single parent

First of all, cheers to all the single parents. The job that you do every single day is nothing less than commendable. No doubt it is your responsibility, but patting yourself on the back every once in a while is not a bad thing. The decisions you take every single day, even after seeing those highs and lows in your life, should push you to believe in yourself and your capability as a parent all the more. So keep your chin up and be an amazing parent like you’ve always been.

Be a friend

As a single parent, you should always try and be like a friend to your kid. Chances are that the kid will reciprocate the same intent in almost no time. Children are sensitive to the problems of others too and they will understand the struggle you go through every single day to bring them up. They will help you when you’re multitasking. They will try and cheer you up when you seem low and they will make you feel younger when you feel all old and haggard.

Divide the chores

Try dividing your chores between you and your child. It is about time you accept that you are not a super human and that you will need somebody’s help to get through the day. And in this case, who could be a better help than your own child. Make sure you have fixed duties according to days and you have a clear communication with the child. Keep one day off for yourself and the kid and go out on that day to unwind and just talk.

Always have a plan B

Raising a kid alone will not be easy. So make sure you always have a plan B. There will be times when you will be held back at work or somewhere else, make sure you have somebody who could look after your child during that time. Parents and siblings should be the first in this list and if they’re not available, make sure you have a baby sitter whom your kid doesn’t hate. Talk to the kid about this setup and tell them that it is necessary only till the time they become responsible enough.

The second parent

Any negativity that you have in your mind regarding the second parent should not influence the kid’s opinion or thoughts. Talk to the kid about why you are the only one raising him/her. Tell him/her exactly what happened, but do not color their vision with your thoughts. Let the kid decide for him/herself and stick to it.

Have faith

At the end of the day, have faith in yourself and your upbringing. You are doing a great job and no matter what you feel, there is great potential in you. Don’t forget to take some time off and go out to relax with your kid. That is the best time for you both to come closer. Have conversations, talk to them about your problems and hear theirs. That will be the best time you both spend with each other.

Amidst all the chaos, you will realize that you actually enjoy living with your kid whom you love more than anything else. The relationship you will share with him/her is something that will make your life beautiful. You will learn from your kid more than he/she learns from you and before you know it, you both will be friends who support each other through the thick and thin. So keep at it and just be who you are, an amazing parent!


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