How to become a Dermatologist

Dermatology is the study of skin, nails, hair and their diseases and disorders. Doctors who specialize in this study are called dermatologists. Lately dermatologists are in great demand because skin and hair problems seem to be on the rise since the last decade. The reason for the same could be anything starting from an unhealthy lifestyle to exposing yourself to harsh sunlight. Skin treatment can be a tricky business and figuring out the real reason behind the disease of the disorder could take great expertise and experience. That is where specialization comes into play.


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In order to become a dermatologist you should opt for Physics, Chemistry and Biology as main subjects in the 12th grade. After appearing for 12th boards, you need to decide which entrance exams you wish to take. There are various tests conducted by state governments or by independent bodies. There is PMT, AIPMT and then there are exams for AIIMS, AFMC, BHU, etc. These exams will help you decide what college you will go to.


The course is 5 years long, where you study medicine in depth. To become a dermatologist, one needs to have an MBBS degree and a one year six months compulsory training to get admission in M.D (dermatology).

You could either appear for different exams for post-graduation or get into colleges on the basis of marks you scored in MBBS.

M.D (Dermatology)

This is a 2-year specialization course which helps you reach your goal. After 2 years of M.D and the registration from the medical council, you will be a dermatologist and can start practicing in different hospitals.

Career Prospects

With the increase in skin problems in the last decade, dermatologists are enjoying great demand for their profession. Lack of knowledge and unhealthy lifestyle is what will keep dermatologists in the business always. Hence, because of the great demand and newer skin problems arising every year, there are jobs awaiting young budding dermatologists at all times, providing them the best career opportunities.

Dermatologists can either work in government hospitals or in the dermatology department of good hospitals like AIIMS, etc. If the person wants to do something independently, then he/she always has the option of opening his/her own skin care centre. A dermatologist can also become a lecturer or a visiting faculty and teach students who aspire to become dermatologists.

The job of a dermatologist includes treating skin and hair diseases by figuring out the root cause of the same. Apart from giving medicines and prescription, the dermatologists also plan a schedule or a diet for their patients, pushing them to live a healthier life that will be good for their skin type. Many a times dermatologists also perform cosmetic surgeries and give their patients a new hope to cling on to.


Dermatologists enjoy a fairly good salary and are respected throughout the world. And that is why a young budding dermatologist can easily draw a salary of about 40,000 to 50,000 if he/she works for a government hospital. The amount may vary according to the level at which he/she joins the institution. A dermatologist working for a private and well-renowned hospital will start from somewhere around 60,000 to 70,000 per month and can eventually open his/her own skin centre, where there is no limit to earning.

One needs to have great passion and perseverance in order to become a dermatologist. Like everything else, this may have its cons too. Becoming a dermatologist means long hours of hard work. No doubt you get good money and respect, once you’re in the profession, but to get there, you need to put your heart and soul into it. All the best while you make the most important choice of your life.


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