Best College Fests in India that you should attend

One of the best season in the life of the college students is the season of the youth festivals. A chance to socialize and networking, here is a list of the best college fests in India that you must attend.


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Another IIT organized event on the list, Antaragani is one of the fests that you can not simply afford to miss! A four-day long carnival in the month of October, Antaragani is renowned for the rock bands, fashion shows, and many other events. Basically, it has something or the other to offer for the youth of all field of the interests. Having hosted many popular rock stars of the country, it originated long back in 1964. Surprised? Well, when this was seemingly enough, the budget will further leave you craving to be here. With a budget of over 1 crore, the fest also offers a platform for the youth to discuss the social issues.


Entering its 20th edition this year, Alcheringa, the annual fest of IIT, Guwahati is a 4 night 3 day time event of unlimited fun, food and different sets of the events generally organized in the first week of February. Featuring the performances and shows by many world class artists,’Alcher’ is just the best show ever in the history of Indian cultural festivals. Another highlight of this fest is Rock-o-Phonix, one of the best Indian rock music contest. It is not just the pomp and show but serves a strong social message as well in the face of ‘Udaan’. An initiative by the IIT-G, where the students visit various underprivileged areas in the country.


A three-day cultural festival of BITS Goa organized in late October-early November deserves your attention for all the valid reasons. The event has emerged as an apple of the eyes of the media and attracted a huge number of the sponsors as well! Completing a decade of the history, WAVES has emerged quickly! Thanks to the location and geography of GOA as well, this festival is already a trending festival in the best fests of the country. From fashion to dance, singing to ‘specials’, this festival can also be visited for the creative works that are offered here. Hosting few of the best DJ, English and Hindi ‘nites’, WAVES, BITS Goa is something you will never regret!


Another hosted cultural fest on the list, RENDEZVOUS is organized in the month of October every year. A four-day-long event organized in the heart of the capital, Rendezvous is a house of the cultural activities and claimed to be the largest in the northern India. Having hosted many Bollywood stars and international bands, you must not be having any second thoughts to be here this year!

Riviera, VIT

This one hits the list from the southern India. Annual sports and cultural fest of the VIT university, RIVIERA is organized in the first week of February every year. A center for all the amazing fun in the south India, it is one of the largest youth festival attracting the most number of the sponsors, audience and media attention in the Southern India. If you are looking to have a break from your life in the northern part of the country, it can be your ideal destination to explore the far land. If you are around already, it is an opportunity to gather the exposure for lesser efforts!

Amity Youth Fest

If any festival has gathered more attention in past few years, it is the AYF! Still of less than 10 years of the age, Amity Youth Fest is known for its cultural events and the star night on the third and last day of the event. Attracting the youth of the entire country, this university has climbed up the stairs of success at a rapid speed. It is organized in the month of February every year.


The festival of the parent campus of the Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, OASIS is one of the must-visits for the concept of this festival. A festival that has the power to steal your sleep, it is 96 hours long festival. If you are on the campus then for 96 hours of the festival, an event or the other is always running on the campus. As now, this is the only fest that has this concept. Offering a wide range of the competitions, OASIS is also renowned for the RAP WARS. One of the few platforms in the country that offers a stage to the rappers of the country. Apart from this, the other major attractions of the fest are the photography exhibition and the rock competition. Respectively referred as the exposure and the rocktaves, these twos are the most popular in their respective fields across the country. With a variety of the celebrities visiting the campus during this 96 hours carnival in the month of October, you can always count on OASIS for a series of lifetime memories.


A fest with a history, RAAGAM is popularly renowned for the workshops that are set up by the organizers. Started in the memory of a student, Rajan who was abducted by the police in the years of emergency and who later passed in the police custody in the year of 1976. In this memory, All Kerala Rajan memorial music competition was started. With the evolution of the time and evolved ideas, this took a new face and was relaunched as RAAGAM in 1987 to commemorate Rajan. Boasting more than 80 events and organised in the month of April, Ragaam is also known in the circuit for the star night. It has the honour of being the first fest in Kerala which witnessed the performance of an international band. The legacy speaks a volume about the grandeur and gives you all the reasons to be present here next time.


Organised by a premier institute of engineering in the country, MOKSHA is the annual cultural fest of NSIT, Delhi. A 4-day event in the heart of the capital, it claims to offer a platform for the students to break free from their monotonous life. Managing around 150 events, Moksha is coming back this year in 2016 with a theme of ‘Memory Marmalade’ Having hosted the major names of the music industry to perform live on the campus, the star nights of this festival is a must watch. Other attractions are the folk dance, mudra (choreography competition), avalanche and many more.

Engifest, DTU

Annual cultural festival of DTU, Engifest is organized in the month of February. A four-day long event in the heart of the capital, Engifest has an image of bringing the technical aspects and creativity on the same platform. It is also recognized for several cultural performances, live wire, star night, plays, dances, music and total fun! The fest has hosted stars like Mohit Chauhan, Hard Kaur and many more celebs of the industry.

Spring Fest, IIT-KGP

Termed to be the life of IIT-Kharagpur, a 3-day long Spring fest is the annual cultural fest of the institute. Started long back in 1960, this is one of the oldest existing fests in the country. A place for a few of the best performances in the field of art, dance, music, drama, play, photography and many more, Spring Fest is also recognized for its ‘PERPZ’, an all-day dance floor open for the people on the campus. Having being organised for more than 5 decades by now, spring fest has it all to entertain you!

If you are a travel enthusiast and find an event suiting your talent in any of the fests across the country, take our suggestion and make it a point to participate in at least 2-3 youth fests annually! This will enhance your personality and if you are able to grab a position, it is a win-win. Do leave comments about any of the fests you have been to or plan to! Also, let us know i any other such event must be here!


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