Best Sports for Young Girls

Ever heard of a perfect win-win situation? Well, sports provide you just that! Playing a sport is the easiest way to make the younger generation do what is best for them. It is the perfect exercise, a great way to while away your time, they will always remain fit, healthy, and because they spend most of their free time playing the sport that they love, they will stay away from things which can hamper their mental and physical growth, like – depression, drugs and lethargy.

There is no particular sport which is not good for girls, it usually depends on their personality, whether they choose one sport or the other, so here is a list of a few good sports, out of many, which you can get your child into–

1. Swimming – The best way to beat the heat, allowing the girl to exercise while having fun in water, swimming is a total boon. It helps in exercising almost all the muscles of the body as it is one of the best all-round exercise. It doesn’t take too much time to be learnt and can be continued throughout life, making the kid a fitness freak or probably a national level swimmer.

2. Gymnastics – At an early stage, if the girl is enrolled in gymnastics, then she can take the pleasure for the rest of her life. She will enjoy being the most fit, the most flexible and the one with the most grace in her neighborhood. Gymnastics also helps improve the mental drive of the child and encourages team spirit.

3. Tennis – Tennis is everything you would want a sport to be – fun, competitive, energetic, and requiring tenacity and focus. Tennis helps in making the girl focussed and increases the stamina because of the running behind the ball. Tennis requires the kid to give her 100 percent and thus the kid becomes perseverant. A great way to teach various life lessons through a game.

4. Dance – Dance is not only a form of sport, but also a skill. It can be fun, it can be excruciatingly painful but it does pay off in the end. The girl can make a career in dance and dancing teaches the kid various things, starting from discipline to perseverance and grace. Dance is something that can encapsulate your whole life.

5. Basketball, volleyball, softball – These sports make the kid conscious of following the goal of the team, they help in improving concentration, encourage team spirit and make girls physically fit and competitive. The best part of these sports is that the kid starts giving more importance to the team than her individual interest.

6. Karate or kick boxing – The need of the hour, this will teach your kid the art of self defense and otherwise, a lot of discipline. It makes the girl strong and ready to take on the challenges of life helping her strengthen her muscles alongside to keep her fit and healthy forever.

Why are sports good for young girls

Young age is the time when we are still imbibing values in the heads of the young ones, at such a time sports help you the most-

  1. It makes the kid learn discipline in life and gives the kid a goal to follow every single day.
  2. It helps in promoting team spirit in the girl and will help her in adjusting with fellow mates in the future.
  3. It obviously keeps the girl physically fit and mentally occupied.
  4. Sports help improving the capability of focussing in the kid.
  5. It keeps the kid away from depression because the kid is always occupied and it keeps the youth away from drugs because they understand that drugs will start affecting their performance in a bad way.
  6. It helps in improving the skills like strategic thinking, planning and implementation, and it also gives a boost to the self esteem of the girl by teaching her leadership qualities.

Sports can be your girl’s biggest passion if started at the right time. It fills all the unnecessary gaps and helps the girl to become fitter, smarter and more confident. So choose a brighter future for your kid now, make her a sportswoman.


  1. It is believed that sports offer you just a giveaway support. Considering many factors such as the physical appearance, body and similar ones, it is further necessary for young girls to take up the sports. Considering the negative impacts of above-mentioned points, it is further relevant to expose girls to only certain sports like swimming, dancing, lawn tennis etc.
    The motive is to maintain the health and fitness which is more than necessary in girls.


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