Characteristics of a patriotic citizen

The country has a variety of citizens and each and every citizen contributes or makes India what it is at present. Some of the citizens are highly conscious of their actions and wish to change the country for the better, a few are those who are too busy dealing with their own lives and seldom think about where the country is going, and the rest are – well, just there, doing almost nothing for the country. The problem is that the current state of the country ends up being a struggle for the conscious citizen and a gala time for the ones who are not bothered, but the world knows that a day will come when the conscious citizen will change the social landscape of our country. They will rule the nation and make it worth living in.


A patriotic citizen is more or less like the conscious citizen, he/she wants to know what is happening in the country and they show their love by wanting to change the bad things about the country. A patriotic citizen will look at the bigger picture and give up his/her individual interests for the interest of the country.

Aware of the rights and the duties – A patriotic citizen is the one who doesn’t take undue advantage of his/her rights and makes sure that he fulfills his duties. A patriotic person is also aware that anything that goes wrong between the balance of the rights and duties of the citizen can disturb the equilibrium of the freedom of the citizens of the country and that is the last thing a conscious citizen would want to do.

Fight for a better nation – Fighting for a better nation doesn’t mean getting involved in a brawl with the other citizens, it simply means acknowledging that like every other developing country, India has a lot of drawbacks too and it is the responsibility of the citizens to do away with them. Hence, a patriotic citizen will voice his opinions on the wrong doings that happen in the country and about the things that are unjust, only to free the country from any sort of injustice.

A zeal to make the country better – There are constant efforts made by the patriotic citizen to make the country better. It could be in terms of career decisions, social work, spreading awareness or even helping in saving the resources. A conscious citizen is not the one who looks over at other people to take the first step, he/she is most of the times the one who takes the initiative to take the task ahead.

Undue advantage of the privileges – A patriotic citizen will think of it as wrong to take undue advantage of his/her position in the society. This could be in terms of VIP culture, or general rights. One would always want things that he/she will get naturally and never go out of the way to get special benefits. The understanding that the rest of the population will suffer because of this behavior will come naturally to a patriotic citizen and thus, he would clearly define his principles.

A patriotic citizen is not somebody who is extraordinary, he/she is a normal citizen who chooses to behave in the most righteous manner. It may be difficult in today’s world to be ethical, but it is not impossible. And a conscious citizen will do whatever is in his/her capacity to make the ethical way seem like the right way. Patriotism is contagious and will often affect people around and this is the best way in which these conscious citizens help their country, by telling other people that the country is theirs too and they need to contribute to make it better.

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  1. Patriotism is not something that you can buy from the market or promise to see in your back garden. Rather it is a trait that is found in the genes. Patriots in India are required are more than required. They are the people who have the knowledge of the rights they have and also know how to exercise them and when to exercise them. Be proud of your country and ensure that you do not lag behind in the race for your country.


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