Do not take the youth of this country for granted

We have often seen that the youth is often naturally prejudiced on the basis of age. They are considered to be too young to understand the solemnity in political or social issues. They are often asked by the parents or seniors to stay focused only on studies and career building. And not participate in the mature aspects. Age is one basis for this kind of prejudice. Is it the right attitude? Really?

It has been observed that the age-based prejudice toward young people is so widespread and so natural that even advocates for young people often have trouble recognizing it. Prejudice is at its most powerful when it becomes so natural that it goes unnoticed and indeed is taken for granted. It can in turn shape the future, identity and lived experience of those at whom it is aimed at.

We often see the youth as sketchy when they move about in groups and party hard or even if they spend most of the time in playing outdoor games and imagine that they ought to be mischievous but that also happen to be an aspect which cannot be actually ignored because in the recent times many reality shows base on youth have been eye- openers to the society. The present day youth is not only well equipped but also techno savvy and gadget friendly.

Well, if we watch closely, the youngsters at fifteen have the best brains, they can author books, they can create drones they can also invent technical gadgets and leave the world bemused. Then why cannot they actively participate in the more grave issues.

The youngsters are not only charming look wise here I don’t mean good looks or bad but active and enthusiastic, the freshness in their attitude, ideas and methods are all mesmerizing at times making them better policy makers than the seasoned. The youth festivals conducted in the recent days have proven to be big success than many corporate events. And those with graying hair and wrinkled faces too have acknowledged it. Even psychologists say that there is something called ‘the adolescent brain’ that is structurally different from ‘the adult brain’, that part of the ‘adolescent brain’ controls good judgment, this difference explains why people age 15 to 23–25 are impulsive, risk-taking and irresponsible, while those over 25 are not, and why those under 25 years of age ought to be more tightly governed and guided towards the right.

In India, the youth are brought up along with ethics and values and even shouldered with responsibilities at a young age due to many reasons. And they know how to manage within the bare minimum given to them if and when time comes. There are hundreds of success stories. The youth is a power-packed reserve which if guided properly will not only result in the desired results but may also result in brilliance.

The young adults can drive the nation to sensation. Be it in any field youth have achieved magnanimously. The recent success-stories come from the fields of technology and research; where in the Indian youth have inscribed their names in golden letters not only within the country but also on the foreign land. The CEO and other top professionals in marked IT companies are Indians which is indeed a matter of pride.

The space technology and manufacturing industries that cater to the armed forces have seen a new dawn with multiple young brains contributing altruistically day and night to give better for the future of the nation. The youngsters are passionate, progressive, energetic and enthusiastic. But, they are often assessed on the basis of age and experience which is at times negligible. This often leads them being deprived of opportunities leaving them wander about for a chance.


It is time that people refrain from taking the youth of india for granted as :

  1. They are the power-pool that can be guided for better.
  2. They have stronger networks to make things of importance, viral. The youth support and collaborations are even sort during the elections and campaigns. The previous election results were an eye opener as the youth participation did make a significant difference.
  3. They have proven themselves best in the fields of sports, media, entertainment and research.
  4. They have proved their worth in volunteering in the social events specially at times of calamity and distress. They have been a great support and enthusiast as covered by media and reports.
  5. They have done exceptionally well at the armed forces even when it came to staking one’s own life. Mostly he young officers are very enthusiastic and highly patriotic as they are groomed excellent. They know that their duty comes first.

It has also been observed that the anti nationals and various organizations also target youth to be their torch bearers as they know that the Indian youth have the potential to bring about the change that they want to bring and it only takes a spark to burn the fire in the youngsters. If convinced, they can bring about a revolutionary result. People from the past who help us attain independence were mostly the youngsters. It is a result of their thought process and efforts that we breathe in free India. it is due to the young revolutionary freedom fighters that the freedom movement succeeded and we saw the dawn of independence in the year 1947 and since then youth has continued to evolve into better.

The present government is working close knit with the youth at every step; it knows that they are the change agents that the nation can rely upon. The initiatives like Digital India are just the first step to empower the youth both urban and rural. This would not only help them connect to the mainstream but also present their ideas and views about the India of their dreams. So as to let the policy makers and the best brains to work together towards a common goal a stronger, wiser and developed India.

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