How can the Youth help in making the system better

We have often been at a place where everything that we see happening around us is wrong. We tend to get irritated, lose our calm and eventually blame it on the people running the nation. How easy is that! Just go about living your own life and blame everything that is going wrong on the government. The reason India is still a developing country even after being home to so many well educated Indians is that nobody here wants to take the responsibility of heading the change. Everyone is too busy leading their own lives, making it big and nobody cares where the nation as a whole is heading to.


The youth needs to differ from the lot because the tomorrow belongs to them and if they want to live in a prosperous country, then the change should start right here, right now. They should focus more on getting rid of the problem than figuring out who is responsible for it. It is obvious that in such a huge country, things will go wrong, but the point is to move ahead from the problem and look for the solutions.

Being unbiased– It is very important that the youth detaches itself from the situation and starts working on it as if the solution is the only thing that matters. The reality is that if the blame game continues, then the nation will not get anywhere and this will only cause more inconvenience to the citizens of the country. Hence, the youth needs to step up and start thinking of solutions to come out of the crisis.

Nation-wide campaigns – This is not about a single problem, this is about everything combined that has affected India so far and just a few people will not be able to take the campaign to the every corner of the country. We need to involve more people, we need to be ready to take up the challenge of going from home to home and convince every individual that their country needs them today. Only collective action will help us achieve what we have set out to do. Start taking classes, making speeches, launch online petitions, do whatever it takes but ask for support from everybody.

Helping the government – Let’s face it, the government is too small an entity to take care of such a huge population. Also, we need to become more accountable for our own actions. The government or the police cannot be present everywhere to solve a problem and it is our duty to help them make the country better because it is our nation too. All you have to do is behave like a responsible citizen, support what is of great importance and stop indulging in activities which in any way harm the growth of our country.

Brainstorming – Every once in a while we need to come out with solutions for the problems that are being faced by the country. In smaller areas, groups can function to eliminate any discrepancies in the governing or handling of the situation. On a higher level, hundreds and thousands of people will have to come together and voice their concern and then act on them. By acting I mean, if you hate pollution stop using vehicles which pollute, if you hate child abuse, help every child you see on the road. Work on what you believe should be done away with and don’t stop until it’s gone.

This country has, over the time, forgotten what it is to be united against something. That force that used to bind us together is becoming weaker and the problem is that without that force, we will never be able to move past our small problems. Let’s focus on the big ones and keep our interests on the side for once, our country needs us.


  1. It is the time when we all need to rise above the party politics and focus on the development of the nation. Thinking about the national interest will help us reach a point where we can just strive for the goals of the country being unbiased. Also, there is no use of crying over the spilled milk. Thus, Indian youth must focus on solutions than cribbing about the problems.


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