Why is education important in India?

India since Independence has succeeded a lot in the field of science and technology. Beginning from devising our own satellites and its manufacturing competences to being one of the most significant nuclear powers in the World, India takes pride in self-sufficiency in the face of an emerging economy. But the social aspect of our Nation remains below par till date as we as citizens along with the not-so-whole-hearted-contribution of the subsequent governments in one of the major fragments of social surface remain under-performed. So what are we really talking about when the subject of real growth comes to the foray? With that, I put the question forth my audience – what is real growth in a country? Is it simply the rise of the national per capita income of a country or the term ‘real growth’ should be more qualitative in nature? Well, India is still victimized with fabricated prejudices, lack of knowledge, disparity and many more factors which oblige its requirement for sensitization that can only be derived from education. Qualitative nature of development is inclusive in nature which is why adopting it is a desirable process.



So education being the tool for indoctrinating national and ethnic values and rescuing people off predispositions, there are many benefits of education. It is such a fortune that no one else can deprive you off. And education definitely doesn’t restrict a being to bookish knowledge but it is the outcome of a collective approach towards each issue. The British left India at such a grinding stage that it still fights a gigantic poverty level along with high illiteracy rate. Even after so many years of independence, there has been lack of resources and political will to prevent dropping out at primary level education. People have long ignored the importance of basic education which not only provides skills and knowledge but magnifies their vision. Education infuses a sense of responsibility, promotes the principle of healthy competition, and fuels the desire to revive truth while fighting all faces of corruption, injustices and prejudices. Education is thus a means to not merely realize one’s fundamental rights but to have the back of the same, if and when attacked; hence leading to a sustainable democratic India.

Also economically India might be in the right direction now but a stagnant view of the existing problems can bring the nation down. Experts predict that India shall be the Nation with the youngest population by 2020. This being a boon on one hand leads to the alarming realization of the fact that such a vibrant population might face depravity with respect to unemployment. To sustain the boon, there must be creation of more jobs and more innovation among Indians. Education is the means to secure employment and our government must work towards inclusive education system. The disparity among rich and poor must to be bridged to bring about a revolution in the world of imagination and innovation too. As long as the neglected minds aren’t pushed forth, India will believably remain poor, not only economically but socially.

Hence, education is the only seed that can reap growth in India in its true sense, where human beings’ existence depends on their understanding of the importance of life and its ways of sustenance.



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