Fashion Tips according to the Body Types

We’re all different. We’re all unique in our own ways. So therefore, we all have a different way of carrying ourselves which makes us stand out in the crowd! For making the heads turn, first of all, you gotta know your body type. We basically have 5 kinds of body types.

1. The Hourglass
2. The Rectangle
3. The Triangle
4. The Inverted Triangle
5. The Circle

Once you identify your body-type, you’ll need to know what sits perfect on your body. Here’s what I would suggest!

The Hourglass

The women who have the Hourglass are super voluptouos and are blessed with that amazing figure! They have a very well defined narrow waist and their hips as well as the bust tend to be almost the same and quite big. This shape is seen by many as the ideal bodyshape! Getting dressed at times can get a little tricky for the women who have bigger breasts.

You must aim to emphasize on your very feminine body to ‘fitted’ clothes and your second priority should be to make your legs appear taller.

You can always go for a knee-length pencil skirt which is my all time favorite, teamed up with a figure-hugging blouse. When you go out to get a perfect top, make sure you go in for V-shaped tops or the tops with a deep neckline. The high necklines will only make your breasts look too bulky!


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You must prefer wearing boot cut jeans or skirts which are body hugging and end around the knees. Wear shoes that make your legs appear shape-ier as well as longer. For eg. shoes with rounded toes, peep toes or cute bows.


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The Rectangle

O well. This is my kinda body type. We have broad shoulders as well as hips. This particular body shape has no defined waist and the hips tend to have a similar width as the shoulders. We do not own a lot of curves and as far as the bust is concerned, it’s very average.

You must define your waist and create curves at the bottom or the top!
Medium to high necklines would look perfect and also, you can go with the shoulder padding but make sure you don’t over do it!

Emphasize on your waist! Wear a belt on the waistline to give yourself a curvier look. Prefer wearing body fits more! This would give you a slimmer look and the boat necks would workout best for this kinda body type too!

The perfect body huggers! To give yourself a pretty curvy look, focus on making your neck line look narrower. For doing so, the boat necks would always workout. For the lowers, the Pencil-fit Skirts would do wonders too!


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Avoid wearing clothes with frills. It’ll make you look like Wrestler. LITERALLY! Trust me, it’s been tested. *sigh*

The Triangle (Pear)

The Triangle or the Pear! Here, the women tend to have curvy hips, thick thighs and full-rear. They have a small bust, narrow shoulders and a very defined waist.

You must emphasize on your torso and de-emphasize on the hips as well as the thighs. This helps in making your shoulders and the chest appear a little broader than what they really are! You can always go for the tops which make your shoulders look a bit broader. For eg., the boat-necks or the scoop-necks can visually widen the shoulders. Bust enhancing necklines would be THE BEST for you! They would make your bust look fuller.

You can always go for the High-Waisters and work your way through the frills. Ooh! And also the boyfriend jeans! You must enhance and add volume to your upper body. Once you emphasize on your upper body, it creates an illusion and makes your body appear like an hourglass.

Pear shape

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You can also go for Body Hugging dresses with sexy pair of Heels! It’ll make you look taller as well as curvier!

The Inverted Triangle

The specifics to this kind of figure are that the top part of the body is larger than the bottom part and the shoulders are wider than the hips. The bust is large and the hips are comparatively small. This type of a body shape has also been noticed as the most desirable body-shape because almost everything looks good on this particular one.

If you want to appear like an hourglass, you will have to draw the attention away from the broad shoulders or the upper chest and emphasize on your slim lower body and the lean legs.

Wear verticle stripes, open necklines as well as collars like halters, scoop-necks, look for tops that would emphasize your waist like the top with niping at the waist or the wrap-kind tops. You can also go in for strapless tops and gowns! Add a belt to define your waist even more.

You can always experiment with the bootleg pants! If the trousers don’t fit you too well (because of the broader bums or waist), get em altered to make em look exactly the way you want!

Inverted triangle

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The Circle (Apple)

The ones having this kinda body type have no defined waist line. The slimmest part of their body is below the bust. Focus on your waist by wearing high waisters or by adding a belt to your dress right below the breasts.

You can always go in for a V-neck top which would break the size of your chest and would create a verticle line. Also, the tops which draw attention to your neckline, your arms etc. would immediately confuse the eyes avoiding the belly.

You can wear a pair of very smart Boot Cut Jeans.


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These were a few tips on how to dress up like PRO with different body types! And no matter what, you’re gonna pull these beauties of like BAWS!



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