Feminazi Vs Meninist in India

You may wonder why the topic is ‘Feminazi vs Maninist’ instead of Feminist vs Meninist, well the reason of that is pretty simple. It is not the feminism which has given rise to the Meninist, but actually the root cause of it is the feminazi a group which is actually twisting the meaning of feminism and has turned it into a movement where men are being harassed in the name of equality. Not all people are perfect that is a fact, just like there are some perverted and degraded men’s out there, there are also women’s who takes an illegal advantage of the harsh law made to defend the rights of women in a twisted way and actually harass the innocent men. That is exactly what has given rise to the idea of meninist which a mockery of feminism or in reality the feminazi’s.

What is Feminism all about?

Feminism is actually what most of the people out there supports; it basically says that all women must have equal social, political, cultural and personal rights as men. That is, they must be paid equal to men for the same job, they must have right to vote and their opinion over a matter should not be denied based on the gender inequality. The feminism has actually empowered a lot of women in recent decade and now you can actually see women in all kinds of field standing shoulder to shoulder with men and paid and praised equally for their efforts.

Difference between Feminism and Feminazism.

Well then what is the problem, why the men all over got so frustrated that the word Meninist became a trend on twitter and mocked the feminism? Well the bitter truth is just like all men are not the ‘gentleman’ and idol ‘father figure’; all women are also not the ‘Ladies’ or the idol of ‘motherhood’. The rise of feminazism lies in the women’s hateful attitude towards men, it has born out of a generalization of men in which all men are considered to be scum, perverted, oppressive and overpowering even though that is not the reality at any given time. Generalization of men’s behavior towards women is what actually killing the real Feminism and in the heat of Feminazism the actual issues of Feminism are being shadowed and ignored by both the men as well as women. The destructive form of feminism is affecting the social as well as personal relationship of men and women and if you doubt that then you are welcome to explore various social Media platforms where man and women fight over feminism and meninism like two political parties trying to come into power and it is as stinky and disgusting as the politics itself.

What is the ultimate solution to this whole problem?

Well, first of all men as well as women both need to understand the basic difference between the feminism and feminazism. They both need to understand that the fight over the superiority is not going to solve anything harmony between both men and women should be the sole target. Meninist are no better than the feminazis and the feminism should not be used as a weapon against men instead it should be an idea to keep reminding men that women can do everything men can.

This whole universe consists of duality, obviously men will always be different from women, but what we need to achieve is the perfect synchronicity which lies in-between beyond the realm of positive and negative there is a place which has no duality where everything is one, that is exactly what men and women are searching for, the completeness, and that is what a loving relationship provides.


  1. Today, if men are facing a big challenge from anything, it is the fake feminism! The people who try to be judgemental and pinpoint mistakes in men every now then must be given a break. Similarly, the male-chauvinist society must step ahead to break the stereotype. If we can combat these two problems efficiently, we can hit a dream society where ‘equal’ is actually a practice and not just the word.


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