How Is The Festival Culture Helping India

The 21st century India has literally become the land of festivals. Whether it is music, dance, food and shopping, people today don’t shy away from splurging on things that they fancy the most. Apart from uniting people with similar interests, these festivals are a lot of fun, give great exposure to the Indian youth and help boost the Indian tourism. India has always been an ideal holiday destination for people from all over the world but with this sudden upsurge in the music scene, it has become ‘the place’ for people who are looking forward to having a good time.

Festivals of India

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With artists from all over the world pouring in to attract the Indian crowd, India has struck the perfect balance between traditional and modern. Not only does it have the ideal audience when it comes to fests, but it also has a huge bank of artists, which make India as famous and as revered as any other country. One thing that has changed in the last decade is the attitude of Indians towards entertainment. Now they are not shy of accepting their interests and they brag about having travel lists which have music festivals like Tomorrowland on the top.

Tourist Destination

These festivals are a boon not only for the youth but also for the country. They help in increasing the inflow of tourists and boost the tourism to a great level. And with the frequent visits of globally famous artists, India has become a name to reckon with when it comes to festivals. Fests like Sunburn, NH7 Weekender, Comic Con and many more are a constant rage between people across age groups now and many people from abroad head to India for the same.

Opening the world to the youth

By bringing their favorite festivals to their own land, India is just trying to open the world of exposure and the best opportunities to its youth. Inspired by artists abroad, many young Indians have taken music as their passion and their career and that is how India has started shining as a place which gives equal respect to academics and performing arts. Apart from this, the foodies, the literary community, comic lovers, etc. all have fests that foster their growth and introduce them to new opportunities.

Showcase your talent

The festival culture pushes the youth to go ahead and showcase their talent to the world. The accepting crowd, the encouraging cheer and the euphoria of these festivals are so contagious that anybody who is a part of it is sure to crave for more. These festivals encourage the youth to express themselves and that too without being shy or afraid. The youth has this burst of energy which goes perfectly in sync with the energy of the festivals and this seems to be really lucrative to their growth.

Grow beyond the convention

The latest festivals push a person to think and look beyond the conventions that have been set. First of all, interacting with people of different cultures changes a person’s approach towards life. Secondly, you get to know the music, literature and food scene that is going on in the rest of the world and that certainly helps you garner more knowledge about your passion. And thirdly, these fests show how unconventional careers can be transformed into successful careers, pushing the young to follow their heart.

Lively in their spirit and uplifting at the same time, these fests are like a dream come true for India. They make India a better place in ways more than one. Helping the people here to earn their livelihood while getting a taste of various cultures existing in the outside world, these fests are soon to become even more popular and will bring a refreshing change in India’s persona.


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