Financial Independence for youth

With the kind of the financial restructuring the nation has witnessed in the past decade, be it the disguised recession of 2008 or the recent FDI discussions in 2014, it is certainly a time for the youth to value money, inspite of how rich one’s father, mother or family is.

Financial independence at a young age ensures a better use of money by the youngsters because they know the hard work it takes to earn. They learn to spend wisely and also help their aging parents in one way or the other and certainly contributing to Nation’s financial growth with the help of hard earned clean money. Clean money refers to the money that has been earned respectfully.

There are many ways in which the anti nationalists try to rob the nation and hamper its economy and growth. The nation has been striving hard to fight against the evils like money laundering and black money that has affected the growth in many ways in the past. Youth today is well read and educated about the rights and wrongs. They are aware of the dos and don’ts still many youngsters are trapped in the grisly activities of the anti social elements for their need and greed of easy money.


There are many ways in which the youngsters can earn decently well, without having to invest much initially. Some are service based jobs and others are small startups. The following can be done easily without disturbing the studies.

Imparting tuition in free time : This can be done individually or by registering with the service providers. Also helping fellow students from other states with the local dialects and languages can be rewarding. There is a huge demand of home tuitions these days if someone has a good command in a particular subject doubt clearance can be handled on an hourly basis.

Starting an Image consultancy or personal grooming services:
There are many people specially the middle aged business men who want to spruce up their personality without seeking a professional support as they are conscious about their image in public. They look for younger generation to friendly train them and their family members. This can be taken up as an option with the known families.

Assisting in trainings and seminars for enterprises : There are many companies who look for part- timers who can deliver a presentation on behalf of their companies, these companies can be approached with a professional attitude and commitment. All it takes is presentable personality, good communication skills and of course a decent dressing sense.

Part-time stall management at job fairs and other events : There are many opportunities with the event mangers who conduct Job air, book fairs and other local events. These require sincere and dedicated part timers as and when an event is held. The youngsters can register with such companies, but they must ensure viability of the events and they should enquire about the reputation of the management companies to guarantee the remuneration for the work they do.

Hospitality and facilitating services : Youngsters are good at supervising tasks they can form small group and start hospitality services by appointing the domestic helpers and other community helpers like plumbers, electricians, carpenters and other day to day supporters which are needed in almost every household, they can start regular maintenance and service providing to the neighborhood.

CSR activities : Many companies these days are looking for innovative ideas for Corporate Social Activities. They look for people who can carry out the work on their behalf be it creating awareness or other campaigns, it can be selling through stalls or representing by the way of a small skit or street play. The youngsters who can help are always in demand and are paid adequately.

Financial Accounting : There are many small business entities that look for people with a sound knowledge of book keeping for their small businesses, part timers who have the knowledge of the financial accounting software can contact them to take care of their accounts on a weekly r monthly basis by enabling both the parties to meet their motives.

Party planning and management : Every family and household has various functions round the year, youngsters can very well plan and execute the functions on behalf of the people who are otherwise busy to put in time. Party management and event planning is a lucrative business for the youngsters to invest the limited time and resources that they have to spare, this not only fetches them money but also lets them enjoy and explore the rich community culture.

Car-pools and other contractual community services pertaining to leisure and entertainment.

They can actually tie up with the taxi services and other travel and tourism services and provide a well planned packaged offer to families and friends of people known. Everyone prefers a well planned outing, if once a trust is beguiled, it can result in a promising business opportunity in future too.

Recruitment services and resume writing and other networking services.

Youngsters have a large network though classmates, relatives, friends and neighbors, they have free time to interact on behalf of many companies sitting in different part of the world to represent them. Already many companies are carrying out MLM concepts but forceful selling should not be the motive, it should be a niche market identification and a survey based marketing rather. A good command over language and good writing skills knows no boundaries. There are many options for the youngsters in the field of writing, resumes writing is just one of them

There are many other ways in which a youngster can put his spare time to use, at the same time earning his own pocket money, look around and you might just discover a new idea. All it takes is a little time, dedication, commitment and sincerity. This not only lets one earn money but also earn an experience at absolutely no cost. This does not only pave way for new opportunities and discover one’s strengths and weaknesses but also helps one to develop skills and PR qualities at the same time.

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