Ford Mustang 2016 Car Review

The mighty Ford Mustang is finally in India. It has been 52 years since Ford has been making Mustangs and until last year, the car was only available in Left-Hand-Drive configuration meaning, countries like India could not get it.


Now that the most legendary car of the history is here, and we took few laps around India’s only Formula One circuit – the BIC, we tell you how the Mustang really feels like.


The new Mustang is in its sixth generation and it looks nothing like the older versions. The car still has the silhouette of the old generations Mustangs though. The car is an absolute treat to watch and turned numerous heads.

The all-new Mustang retains features like long bonnet and short rear, it has also become wider, lower and longer. From the side, the car looks stunning with the lowered roofline, and the mighty 19-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels.

The looks of Mustang speak for themselves. The car is a legend and Ford has managed to keep the history of the car alive yet giving it an ultra modern touch.


The inside of the car is an absolute cockpit. Ford says that the new Mustang has been designed after getting inspired from the aviation and everything in the car mirrors this claim. It is a two-door car with four-seats. The front two seats are big bucket seats and have ample support. Even during high speed corners, you do not get tossed around. The rear two seats are not so roomy. Getting into the rear seat is much of a problem and there is space for only very skinny people or small kids.

The new Mustang has cockpit style toggle switches to control the car. You can change the modes of the car, turn off traction control and many other things through this panel. Above them, there controls for Air Conditions and controls for infotainment system. The car also gets a touch sensitive screen.

The steering is nice to hold and carries a lot of buttons on it that can control the infotainment system, phone, or the driver console. The Mustang gets advanced Sync2 feature that connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth.

Engine and Drive

Mustang in India is only available with one naturally aspirated 5-litre V8 engine. The engine produces a maximum of 401 PS of power and 515 Nm of maximum torque. It gets a 6-speed automatic transmission. The transmission can also be controlled through the paddle shifters behind steering wheel.

The car can do 0-100 km/h in just 5 seconds and can touch a top-speed of 240 km/h. Mustang also gets all-new suspension set-up, which is now independent suspensions on all four wheels. The car does feel very good to drive around and the ground clearance of 165mm makes it a very practical car to drive around daily. It is a very easy car to drive around and there is no fuss about it.

Should you buy the car?

The car retails at Rs. 65 lakh ex-showroom, Delhi. If you have that kind of money, definitely yes. This is a legendary car after all and the cheapest V8 engine car that is available in India. Yes, the car can do daily driving job easily and does not require any special fuel because the engine has been detuned for that. Yes, it is not a good car if have track days and lap timings in your head but who drives a Mustang on a track? This car is to set free and be free!


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